5 African Countries Nigeria Buys The Most Goods From

Nigeria, Africa’s largest market, has a significant impact on the continent’s economy. Trade with other African countries promotes the continent’s economic growth, unity, and development. Nigeria’s active participation in intra-African trade may move the continent toward a more prosperous and united future by growing industrialization, eliminating trade barriers, enhancing regional integration, and promoting economic stability.

Nigeria’s importance on Africa cannot be overstated, as it is one of the continent’s largest marketplaces. With its vast resources, the country faces the challenge of defining the tone for African economic success.

While Africa’s huge diversity allows for economic freedom in its marketplaces, there is no denying that the continent’s giants wield considerable power over intra-African revenue movement across the motherland.

Nigeria trades with practically every African subregion, including Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mena countries. From the east to the south, to the north, and even with its ECOWAS partners, Nigeria is eager to take advantage of items accessible in other continent markets.

In Q1 2024, Nigeria imported N31.00 billion (7.72%) of kerosine-type jet fuel, N30.45 billion (7.58%) of petroleum bitumen, N27.64 billion (6.88%) of diammonium hydrogen orthophosphate, N26.61 billion (6.62%) of other liquefied petroleum gases, and N18.30 billion (4.55%) of polypropylene from African countries, as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics.

With that said, below are the African countries from which Nigeria has imported the most items. This list, provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, includes data for the first quarter of 2024.

RankCountryImportation valueImportation value (%)
1.South AfricaN97.33bn24.22%
2.Ivory CoastN51.41bn12.79%

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