7 Bathroom Safety Tips to Prevent Accident

The bathroom is frequently people’s favorite area in the house. However, the bathroom might be one of the most hazardous rooms in a house because of its smooth, slick, yet unyielding surfaces.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that over the age of 15, around 235,000 Americans visit emergency departments each year as a result of bathroom-related injuries.

Murphy Afolabi, a Nollywood actor, tragically passed away yesterday after slouching in the toilet.

This post will provide useful suggestions for lowering the danger of restroom mishaps and establishing a secure environment.

  • Introduce a non-slip surface in the bathroom

Slippery surfaces are to blame for the majority of restroom falls and mishaps.

Because they offer traction and grip, non-slip surfaces in bathrooms will thereby lower the danger of slips and falls.

Since it has been established that slick rugs and carpets frequently result in bathroom fall injuries, get rid of them.

Change them out for non-slip surfaces like mats and stickers. They are accessible and reasonably priced.

Even when non-slip surfaces are used, it’s still vital to use caution and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t become loose and provide a tripping danger.

  • Install grab bars

Grab bars in the restroom could lessen the number of accidents caused by falls there.

When bathing, grab bars are a terrific technique to offer stability and support. Additionally, it is a crucial tool for recovery from unanticipated balance loss and falls.

A study found that participants who used a grab bar recovered their balance 75.8% more frequently than those who did not.

Install grab bars close to the shower, bathtub, and toilet.

However, it is crucial to make sure that your grab bars are firmly attached on a stud or reinforced wall during installation to prevent it from coming loose.

  • Improve accessibility

Make sure the bathroom and toilet’s most-used supplies, such as towels, soaps, and shampoo, are accessible and at eye level.

locations with a minimal risk of slipping and falling while attempting to reach the objects. This advice is especially important for the shower and bathtub.

  • Improve visibility

A significant difference can be made by altering the illumination in the bathroom and toilet.

To avoid mishaps, the bathroom must have appropriate illumination installed. So make sure the bathroom and toilet are well-lit, especially at night, by using bright light bulbs.

A suitable lighting setup can be made through the walkway leading directly from the room to the restroom for added safety.

  • Keep the bathroom/toilet organized, clean, and dry

Making the bathroom clean, tidy, and organized will increase bathroom safety.

Remove all potentially hazardous objects, and stay away from putting things like toilet brushes, scales, and trash cans in the bathroom’s walkways where they can trip someone over.

Additionally, slick floors can make it more likely for people to fall.

Therefore, always leave the restroom or toilet clean and dry after using it.

Clean up any water splashes or spills right away to prevent mishaps. Water from the shower area cannot enter other parts of the bathroom with the usage of a shower curtain.

  • Raising the toilet seat

This advice is important if you have restricted movement or struggle to sit or stand up from the toilet seat.

By installing a toilet seat riser, you may make using the toilet easier and lower your chance of slips, falls, and other bathroom accidents.

  • Take your time

Never hurry when entering or exiting the shower or bathtub!

Rushing about makes it difficult to consider any potential hazards in your bathroom, which is one of the leading causes of bathroom mishaps.

Always enter and exit the shower with caution, and if you require assistance, grip onto the grab handles.

The likelihood of sliding or falling will decrease with caution and careful movement.

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