Why I Don’t Post My Husband Online – Kiekie

Kiekie and husband

The creator of the skit, Kiekie, has given an explanation for why she doesn’t post pictures of her husband on Instagram.

The actress stated she doesn’t see the need to brag about her husband online because he isn’t involved in her career when speaking with media entrepreneur Chude Jideonwo.

Even if she puts him on Instagram, the content producer continued, he won’t see it because he isn’t using the app.

“I don’t share my husband on Instagram not because I’m hiding him but because my Instagram is a business Instagram. My husband is not part of my business. He doesn’t collect a salary. What concerns him?

“But I’m pregnant and I wanted to share it, it’s not me that pregnant by myself. It was a collaboration and he’s alive and we’re not fighting so why not. So when we had the baby and were going to do Thanksgiving, it was a family.

“But before you see him again, it will be a while. Only maybe if we born another child sha. Cause my birthday is my birthday. I don’t see the need to post him on his birthday because he’s not even on Instagram.

“So the person I want to wish isn’t there. So should I now be wishing him for you? Why?

“He’s in my bed. Sleeps there. Sweetie happy birthday to you. Why do I have to go and tell millions of human beings that he’s doing a birthday?

“It’s not a function of hiding, I just don’t feel the need.”

Kiekie, born Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, got married to Shonaola Ilori in February 2020

In September 2022, she shared pictures of her husband on Instagram while announcing her pregnancy.

The skit maker also recently revealed how she once quit a job over her employer’s comment about her pretty privilege.

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