7 Tips To Help Your Loved One Struggling With Mental Health

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Have you spotted indicators of mental illness in a friend or family member and wondered how you could help?

Beginning a conversation about a person’s mental health can be scary, but it’s also the most critical step in helping the individual get better.

Thus, here are some ways you can assist someone who is suffering from mental illness.

  • Get information

The first step in attempting to assist is to educate oneself about mental health. Read up on the individual’s problem, symptoms, treatment, myths, and any other pertinent information.

The more you comprehend what the person is going through, the better you will be able to advise and assist them.

Likewise, make certain to obtain information from reputable sources.

  • Listen non-judgmentally

One of the most valuable services you can provide to a loved one suffering from mental illness is to lend a listening ear.

Begin a conversation about how they are feeling and listen to them with an open mind and empathy.

Let all of your verbal and nonverbal abilities to comfort them and demonstrate that you are available when they need someone to talk to. This will make the person feel more relieved, relaxed, and less overwhelmed.

  • Show up

People who are mentally ill often feel lonely, withdraw from loved ones, and even forget that they are loved.

So now is the time to stay in touch with them and remind them that you love and care about them, and that you are always available to them.

Even if they aren’t responding, check in on them on a frequent basis with phone calls, odd visits, texts, or emails.

Even activities that do not involve a lot of energy or socializing, such as walking, might make them feel more included and less alone.

  • Give reassurance

Providing encouraging and reassuring comments might help to lessen stress. You don’t need to say anything extravagant; simply a few plain, kind comments would suffice.

“I’m sorry you’re feeling bad, and I want to help,” “I may not understand how you’re feeling, but you’re not alone,” and “Hang in there, you’ll feel better soon.”

“But you have a terrific life, you always look so cheerful,” “Snap out of it,” and “Everyone is a little moody occasionally, it’s normal” are also avoidable.

  • Be patient

Helping someone who is mentally ill is not an easy chore, but you must be patient.

They may be unwilling to chat while you try to learn more about their feelings. Don’t try to push words out of them; instead, be patient and let them decide the pace.

Please don’t give up if you already know how they feel and are supporting them but aren’t seeing any progress. Simply stay present and patient during the journey.

Remember that things will improve over time, and persons with mental illnesses are entirely capable of leading happy lives.

  • Resume the regular routine

Avoid focusing on a person’s mental health condition in all aspects of life and dialogue.

Urge the individual to begin a regular habit. Let the person engage in non-mental health activities to distract them from their difficulties.

  • Encourage them to seek professional help

In practice, you can’t help someone get through a mental health crisis on your own.

Mental health professionals are required to diagnose and develop a treatment strategy for the problem. Therefore try to persuade the person to seek help.

Some people may lack motivation or may not feel well enough to take this step. This is where you offer to assist.

Offer to assist them in scheduling their appointment, contact potential therapists, and accompany them to their first and subsequent appointments.

Helping someone suffering from mental illness can be exhausting and time-consuming. This can make it difficult to care about yourself or your health.

But, keep in mind that in order to effectively support your loved one, you must be strong and present. Therefore make time for yourself to relax and heal.

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