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9 Nigerian Digital Entrepreneurs to Look Out for in 2024

A new generation of digital entrepreneurs is emerging as pioneers in Nigeria’s rapidly changing digital landscape, influencing the nation’s future innovations and technological advancements. Through digital platforms, these entrepreneurs promote humankind and earn a living. Equipped with creative thinking and unwavering determination, these trailblazers convert obstacles into chances, bringing about revolutionary shifts in a multitude of industries.

AmBusiness takes a look at some of the digital entrepreneurs that we may expect to see big things happen in 2024:

1. Hauwa Lawal

Hauwa is a skilled digital content specialist with a strong sense of humor and enthusiastic skills in copywriting, brand marketing, content creation, and scriptwriting. She use narrative strategies to tell stories with a strong female lead that educate my audience about the difficulties encountered by ordinary Nigerian women.


2. Aproko Doctor

In 2015, Dr. Chinonso Egemba made the choice to employ storytelling as a tool to help the average African make better decisions. He provides doable suggestions and kind medical guidance for advancing healthcare on a daily basis. The Aproko Doctor brand raises awareness of health issues through the use of social media and years of medical experience.


3. Pleasant Balogun

In 2023, Pleasant sold his product, Scrim, to Chimoney, a fintech startup. The brains behind Scrim are Pleasant Balogun, the CEO and CTO of the business. When Pleasant developed Scrim at age 17, he incorporated contemporary elements into the App’s marketing, advertising, and design. You may send money to anyone in the world with Scrim by Chimoney by just giving them their email address or phone number.


4. Anthony Azekwoh

Anthony is a contemporary artist and writer from Nigeria who lives in Lagos. His primary subjects are African folklore and mythology, which he uses to tell stories about the growth and development of his country through these themes and characters. In his most recent show, “There is A Country,” he responds artistically to Nigeria’s prevailing social, political, and economic chaos with paintings and sculptures.


5. Bola Olaniyan

A fashion enthusiast with a range of artistic endeavors. He’s worked with Nike, Streetsouk, Ashluxe, Mejimeji, Teezee, and a host of other industry heavyweights. He left for his journey in late 2021. He launched the fashion brand “bolapsd forever” in 2023 and conducted two popular pop-up tours in Abuja, Lagos, and Toronto.


6. Ayo Alex Alao

UK-based Nigerian, Ayo Alex Alao is a tech & online business, project management consultant, author, leadership, life, personal development & mindset coach. He is a successful serial entrepreneur & founder of a global digital business consulting firm where he teaches people how to earn online, The Ayo Alex Alao.


7. Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu

With more than thirty years of diverse experience, Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu has worked in the public and private sectors in the areas of digital design, strategy, change/transformation, marketing communications, software development, and business solution architecture. As part of his commitment to financial literacy, he is supporting Tech-savvy Kids, a platform for STEM education for children.


8. Layi Wasabi

His clever humor came from watching lawyers closely on the courtroom grounds, which allowed him to envisage and humorously portray their daily activities. There were many of other humorous lawyers in the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan, where the comedian who has become popular in Nigerian comedies was found. His humorous writing was inspired by his intimate observations of lawyers working on the courthouse grounds, which allowed him to conceive and humorously portray their daily activities.


9. Bukky Asehinde

The creator of CareerHubAfrica, a website that links aspiring professionals with employers, is Bukky. She has received recognition for her efforts to empower young people.

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