Why I Dropped Out of UK University – James Brown

The famous transvestite James Brown has denied he attended a university in the United Kingdom.

The brand influencer declared in 2022 that he had started his education in the United Kingdom.

Although he did not at the time divulge the name of the university or his course of study, he said that he financed himself into the varsity despite the odds.

On social media, however, there have been allegations circulating that James did not study in the UK; rather, he was just visiting.

In response to the accusations, Brown posted a video to his Instagram page claiming that he traveled to the UK to study, providing his ID card as “proof.”

He also said he dropped out of the school because the fees “were expensive”, adding that nobody told him that it would cost so much.

“I heard that they said I was not schooling in London. Are you c****y? Are your eyes blind? Do I look like the two-faced b*****d that you worship? Do I do fake life? No,” he said.

“See my university card, Bedfordshire University, London. They will now say why did you not go to school? Because school fees are expensive. When I went to London I did not know that I would spend so much. I did not know. Nobody told me.

“I spent nothing less than £12,900. I spent £12,900 just for a year and when I calculated it, it was like N25 million so I said I would rather spend that kind of money to buy a house in my village or buy a house in Lagos. That is why I came back and did everything I did. Now for school fees, it is not easy to study in London.”

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