P. Prime, Sarz Unveiled as Judges for Maiden Reality Show ‘Next Afrobeats Star’

The Nigerian music label Ultima Studios has debuted a brand-new reality series called “Next Afrobeats Star,” which is intended to highlight up-and-coming musicians.

The CEO of Ultima Studios, Olufemi Ayeni, stated in a Friday interview with media that Afrobeats has evolved into yet another tool for raising the nation’s foreign exchange profits.

He claims that the reality program gives up-and-coming artists the chance to collaborate with “world-class” music producers.

Ayeni revealed that “many stars who will be exporting something out of Africa” will be produced by the “Next Afrobeats Star.”

“We are not just going to create just one star, the experience, the skills, the knowledge of these guys, we are going to create many stars who will be exporting something out of Africa,” he said.

“You know when you export, you are earning dollars. When you export, you are making naira better. So one of the primary motives is to help our economy. To ensure that our naira does not continue to depreciate.

“That is one thing that Afrobeats has been doing for our economy that we do not appreciate enough.

“So we need to diversify our economy from just oil. When you diversify and are selling things to the outside world, you are earning foreign exchange and you are strengthening your economy. That is one thing this show is doing. So that the whole world will see what we are starting in Nigeria.”

On his part, Tunji Adebakin, chief operating officer of Ultima Studios, said just like the music company organised ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and ‘Project Fame’, the new show “will make lasting impacts on the artistes and the audience”.

“Ultima has created live stories all across West Africa. Talents transformed into absolutely amazing art. I can tell you for a fact that we are going to have an awesome show. Ultima is known for well round for content that actually perfects impacts and makes a lasting impression not just on the young people that we work with but also on the audiences” he said.

“Out of the mold that has birthed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Out of the mold that has birthed Project Fame, you are on the front seat to the next biggest, maddest music show. I dare say, not just in Nigeria, not just in West Africa, not just in Africa but in the world.”


The organisers also unveiled Sarz, Puffy Tee, P. Prime, and Andre Vibes, the music producers, as judges for the reality show.

They also mentioned that during the tournament, the producers will serve as mentors for the competitors.

Applications for the “Next Afrobeats Star” program will be accepted starting on January 12.

NAS to 13013 is the text that contestants use to begin the application procedure.

48 candidates will make the short list, the organizers disclosed. Later, the list will be whittled down to only 12 people.

The top three competitors would be unveiled by June 2 and given brand-new cars, they continued, with the winner receiving an offer for a recording contract.

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