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All About Nigerian Rapper, Uzikwendu Biography

Uzikwendu’s full name is Uzikwendu Tobechi Onunaku. He is a rapidly rising Nigerian rapper. In 2016, he released his debut single, “Si eba puo,” which translates as “get out of here.”

Early Life

Uzikwendu was born in London on July 31, 1984. He is from Imo State, which is located in Nigeria’s South-East geopolitical zone. He was born in Nigeria and raised in the United States. Uzikwendu received the majority of his education in the United States.


Uzikwendu began making music when he was 32 years old, in 2016. He rose to prominence after serving as the cover for Panda, one of America’s most popular hip-hop joints. Uzi went on to release his official single “Si eba puo” in 2016. (get out of here). Many nighttime radio stations played this song. Tk produced the song, and Stanz Visuals directed the video.

Uzikwendu released another hit song, “Stamina,” in 2017. This song featured two well-known Nigerian rappers, DMW rappers and Dremo.

In 2018, Uzikwendu drew inspiration from Dr. Dre’s hit song “Forgot About Dre,” which featured Eminem. He wrote and released his own song, “Forgot About Uzi.” In the same year, he had another hit song called “Uzi Lamba.” This song featured a dancing style that many fans adopted and earned recognition in the Nigerian music industry.

“Rappers” and “Lyrical Cardio” were two songs released by Uzikwendu in 2019 that featured one of Nigeria’s best rappers, M.I Abaga. Uzikwendu has always been regarded as one of the fastest rappers in the Nigerian music industry, owing to his rapping prowess. He has also worked in the film industry, appearing in the film “Seven,” which was widely screened in Nigerian cinemas.


  • 2020: The Ego
  • 2019: Rappers
  • 2019: Lyrical Cardio
  • 2018: Forgot about Uzi
  • 2017: Stamina
  • 2017: Oh Yeah
  • 2016: Si Eba Puo

Net Worth

From his experience in the music industry so far, Uzikwuendu has accumulated a reasonable wealth. According to different sources online, he has an estimated net worth of $150,000.

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