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Bobrisky Biography, Education, Business, Controversies, and Net Worth

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, also known as Bobrisky, is a cross-dresser who has publicly denied being gay. On social media, he is also known for his controversial nature, as he poses as a transgender person and a Nigerian male Barbie.

Early Life and Education

Bobrisky was born on August 31, 1992, in Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria. His given name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He grew up in a polygamous family, his father having three wives, and he was the youngest child. He began fending for himself at the age of 16, and his mother used to punish him for his feminine tendencies as a child, but he went on to become a controversial figure in college and university due to his fashion sense.

He attended King’s College in Lagos State, where he earned his first school leaving certificate as well as the West African Senior School Certificate. He then attended the prestigious University of Lagos and graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting degree.

Bobrisky would dress up as a woman and deceive men in clubs and pubs during his university years, but he would always decline when an admirer expressed a desire for intimacy. Throughout his time at UNILAG, he was known as an excellent makeup artist.


While still a university student, Bobrisky began his career as a He was a choreographer in the past. He earned money by teaching others how to dance. He also attended several dance events. He was named Best Dressed Male at his high school and quickly rose to prominence. Bobrisky started his first business in Ikeja, Lagos, by opening a beauty shop. He also used his fashion sense to start a clothing buying and selling business.

He went into full-time beauty therapy and makeup artistry. He dressed oddly as part of his marketing strategy to attract mostly female customers to his store. Bobrisky rose to prominence through her Snapchat account, where she posted a slew of divisive and viral videos.

His ventures include selling $400 worth of ‘Bobrisky Bleaching Cream,’ filming short video clips, selling items in his boutique, serving as a brand ambassador for multi-million dollar companies, and hosting events.

Personal Life

Because his father had three marriages and he was his mother’s last child, Bobrisky grew up in a polygamous household. His mother has a light complexion and appears to be excited about her son’s beauty business. He was an excellent friend of Tonto Dikeh before their friendship fell apart.

We can’t reveal their relationship because it hasn’t been confirmed. He has not yet married.

Prior to turning white, the Snapchat celebrity’s skin tone was similar to that of most Nigerians. He does not appear to be bothered by sexual rumors or wasting time responding to criticism. She is amazing. His fans are eager to find out who his sweetheart is.

His mystery lover, whom he claims is Africa’s fourth wealthiest man, gifted him N7 million and a Mercedes-Benz.

Cross-dressing Lifestyle and Gender

Over the years, he has had doubts about his gender, and they have persisted. Bobrisky was born male but identifies as transgender. Bobrisky has expressed a preference for being addressed as “her and she” rather than “him or he.” Many people believe Bobrisky has undergone surgery to transform into a woman, despite the fact that he has stated in multiple interviews that he has no desire to physically transform into a woman. Bobrisky, he says, is a “character,” not a girl.

He began to look different from his school days by dressing differently before becoming a social media sensation and celebrity. He’s invested in the character. Bobrisky was photographed in May 2019 wearing a faux silicone breastplate, which is popular among drag queens. While Bobrisky has occasionally used the term “transgender” in his Instagram captions, he has not undergone any permanent gender transitions. Bobrisky keeps his sexual orientation a mystery. Nigeria has strict LGBT laws that could result in him serving 14 years in prison.

Bobrisky debuted a new physical appearance on July 8, 2021, following surgery to become more feminine. She has also advised aspiring transgender people to undergo appropriate surgical augmentation procedures so that they can be the person they truly want to be.


Bobrisky’s Sexuality

He was arrested in Lekki by the Lagos State Police Command shortly after publicly declaring his homosexuality. Despite the fact that his arrest indicates that he was detained as a result of a petition filed against him by a competitor and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, Bobrisky claims he was detained as a result of a petition written against him by a competitor and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani.

Birthday Party

Another was when Bobrisky threw a birthday party that didn’t go as planned. His birthday was celebrated in Pearl Gardens in Lagos State, Nigeria. The Nigeria Police Force disrupted and shut down the party, which included several Nigerian celebrities, gays, and cross-dressers. He chose to leave the country after the event was shut down by the police.

She Claims That Her Mother Is Dead.

Bobrisky took to Instagram on Mother’s Day to honor her late mother. When it was revealed that her mother was still alive and well, the internet personality found herself in even deeper trouble. This contradicts what she previously stated about herself. Alhaja Bollington, Bobrisky’s mother, was supposed to have died a long time ago, according to her claims that her mother died in 2008 while she was on her way to Hajj. However, it was eventually discovered that everything was a lie and that she was still alive and well.

Bobrisky vs. Ismaila Mustapha (a.k.a. Mompha)

Bobrisky sparked yet another debate when one of her personal assistants, Oye Kyme, revealed her alleged relationship with prominent social media influencer Mompha. While the crossdresser may have enjoyed the public spectacle surrounding her name, she claims her partner reacted quickly, threatening to sue over the allegations. Mompha also denied having an affair with Bobrisky, sharing screenshots of her correspondence with Kyme. He claimed to be married and did not work with homosexuals.

Bobrisky vs. Daddy Freeze

One of her most well-known squabbles was with controversial OAP Ifedayo Olarinde, also known as Daddy Freeze. The incident started when the Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster shared a video of himself playing with his son on social media, where he is also known for preaching and mocking God’s men. In the video, his son requests that he not wear his mother’s shoes, to which Freeze replies that he will not because he is not Bobrisky.

Bobrisky quickly rebuked Freeze, calling him a “dumb he-goat” who is always trying so hard to get her attention. Bobrisky also stated that she had no idea Freeze existed. Freeze referred to Bobrisky as a used tampon, a bleached brain, and an inanimate object.

Bobrisky vs. Sabinus (Mr. Funny)

Sabinus was threatened with arrest by the controversial Nigerian crossdresser after he called her senior man on Facebook. When responding to Borisky’s post about enjoying her money, he said, “Senior man, your face show and your shoe shine.” “I don’t have a single problem like this, let me just keep enjoying my money the ones my boyfriends give me every now and then,” he said. This remark appears to have irritated Bobrisky, who retorted angrily to the comedian, saying, “Mr. Funny Na, your papa be senior man, I will soon detain you.”

The Bobrisky Housewarming Saga

A viral video on social media shows Muslim clerics praying at the housewarming ceremony of infamous crossdresser Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky.

Bobrisky was seated and fully clad in female Yoruba traditional attire, according to a video released on Sunday, June 18th, surrounded by Muslim clerics who sat on the floor and said Islamic prayers.

Nigerians and Twitter users panned the video, pointing out the presence of clergy at the crossdresser’s event. They saw it as a religious shambles.

Net Worth

Bobrisky is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most talked-about beauty therapists, with an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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