Capria Announces First Close of $100m Global South Fund II


Capria Ventures, a leading Global South specialist firm investing in early-growth Global South startups, has announced the first close of its US$100 million fund.

Capria invests in tech founders with limitless aspirations, connecting them into a uniquely-collaborative network, and activates strong relationships between hundreds of founders and leading local VC firms in the tech hubs of the Global South.

Its new fund will focus on investing in 20-25 tech startups in the entrepreneurial hotspots of Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Investors include OIP Investment Trust and Gates Ventures, as well as numerous foundations, individuals, and family offices, including Crystal Springs Foundation, Sall Family Foundation, Brakeman Family Trust, and two founders of Pioneer Square Labs.

The fund will seek founders harnessing the potential of generative AI to transform companies across multiple sectors, and as well as adding a new focus on climate startups. Capria has already closed investments for its new fund in promising startups in Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, and Egypt, including Kueski (fintech), Agrofy (agritech), MAX (mobility), and Paymob (fintech).

“At Capria, we are doubling down our investments in tech startups that are driving transformational change in Africa. With a young and dynamic population, growing economies, and a surge in innovation, Africa is set to take the center stage in global entrepreneurship. By fostering growth and innovation, we aim to not only empower these businesses but also pave the way for sustained economic development across the continent,” said Susana Garcia-Robles, senior partner at Capria Ventures.

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