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Chioma Akpotha Named USAID’s Nutrition Ambassador

Chioma Akpotha, an actress, has been designated as a goodwill ambassador for nutrition in Nigeria by the United States Agency for International Development.

USAID is an institution dedicated to eradicating extreme global poverty and empowering resilient, democratic nations to achieve their full potential.

Melissa Jones, USAID mission director, said the film star “embodies the essence of advocacy and activism” when she announced the selection.

Jones was similarly enthusiastic about the collaboration with Akpotha, calling it as a “milestone in our commitment to collaborate with the Nigerian people”.

“Chioma embodies the essence of advocacy and activism. Her commitment to maternal health and child well-being is a calling, ” she said.

“A calling to use her platform for the greater good, to amplify the voices of the voiceless, and to inspire action and change. We celebrate this partnership with Chioma Akpotha, which represents a milestone in our commitment to collaborate with the Nigerian people.”

Akpotha, who is the agency’s first goodwill ambassador for nutrition, also pledged her commitment to the course.

The actress expressed readiness to use her platform “to raise awareness and inspire positive change”.

“I am honoured to be USAID’s inaugural Goodwill Ambassador for Nutrition in Nigeria. Maternal and child health is a cause close to my heart, and I am committed to using my platform to raise awareness and inspire positive change,” she said.

“Together with USAID, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of Nigerian families.”

The actress also took to her Instagram page to add that “it was an honour to share knowledge on nourishing children without straining resources”.

“I’m empowered by the incredible strength and resilience of mothers in Nigeria, that I witnessed firsthand at a USAID-sponsored mother and child nutrition outreach,” the post reads in part.

“The unity, accountability, and dedication of these women towards self-empowerment and community well-being is truly inspiring and filled my heart with hope.

“As a Nutritional Ambassador, it was an honor to share knowledge on nourishing children without straining resources. The smiles of the little ones and the vibrant laughter shared between these amazing women reminded me of the incredible power we hold when we come together.”


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