Dangote Sugar Refinery Aims to Boost Production to 1.5 Million Metric Tonnes

Dangote Sugar Refinery has launched a strategic plan to produce 1.5 million metric tonnes of sugar per year. The effort intends to increase Nigeria’s self-sufficiency in sugar production while also creating considerable economic prospects.

Sylvain Judex, CEO of Dangote Sugar Refinery (DSR) Numan, revealed the company’s ambitious development ambitions to journalists during a plant tour in Adamawa State’s Numan Local Government Area.

Judex emphasized the extraordinary success made through the growth push, explaining that the Dangote Group purchased the enterprise in a dormant state in 2002, located on 32,000 hectares in Numan. Since the acquisition, the company has grown steadily, transforming itself into a prominent participant in the sugar sector.

By spending $700 million in the Dangote Sugar Refinery in 2022, Dangote displayed his steadfast commitment to increasing the country’s sugar output self-sufficiency. This investment demonstrates Dangote’s commitment to creating wealth for stakeholders while expanding revenue and earnings power.

Sylvain Judex, speaking on the company’s eco-friendly expansion drive, underlined the tight adherence to best environmental policies, striving for zero environmental pollution. This strategic endeavor is intended to generate at least 8,000 job opportunities for Nigerians, thereby contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.

Dangote Sugar Refinery intends to expand its out-grower initiative to 2,000 recipients over the next five years, in line with the aims of Nigeria’s National Sugar Master Plan for sugar self-sufficiency. Sylvain Judex emphasized the Out Growers Farmers’ benefits, underlining the company’s commitment to community prosperity, peace, and corporate profitability.

With a refining capacity of 1.44 million metric tonnes, Dangote Sugar Refinery is Nigeria’s largest home and commercial sugar producer. Dangote Sugar has begun a merger with Nascon Allied Industries Plc and Dangote Rice Limited, both Dangote Group entities, to unlock extra value for its stakeholders.

The merger is intended to create a food conglomerate with a diversified product portfolio that includes sugar, rice, salt, vegetable oil, tomato paste, seasoning, and savory items. Consolidating these companies is likely to change Nigeria’s food and consumer goods industry, ushering in a new era of growth and transformation.


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