Everything You Need to Know About Moses Bliss’ Surprise Appearance at Actress Ekene Umenwa’s Wedding

The wedding of Nollywood actress Ekene Umenwa has become the topic of social media after gospel artist Moses Bliss made an unexpected appearance. Umenwa was seen abandoning her husband on the dance floor to kneel and hug Bliss fiercely in a viral video.

Ekene Umenwa and her coworker Alex Kleanson married on November 4th, 2023, in a stunning white wedding ceremony. During the event, Moses Bliss made an unexpected appearance, leaving Ekene Umenwa overcome with delight.

A video of Ekene leaving her husband’s side to kneel and hug the musician has gone viral. Some others thought it was awkward for Ekene to leave her husband’s side and kneel before another man in the lovely video.

Others, on the other hand, have commended the artist for making the newlyweds happy on their special day. Ekene Umenwa has recently commented to the video, claiming that she was caught up in the moment and had no intention of embarrassing her spouse. She also expressed gratitude to Moses Bliss for his unexpected visit and for making her day even more amazing.

Ekene Umenwa’s Husband Reaction

Alex Kleanson has spoken out about the backlash his wife received during their wedding celebration due to her interaction with Gospel artist Moses Bliss. In reaction to the barrage of abuse aimed at his wife, Alex Kleanson thanked the MC for standing up for her and stated unequivocally that he finds nothing wrong with Ekene’s actions and is not complaining.

Reactions in support of Ekene Umenwa’s actions

-Some social media users defended Ekene, arguing that she was merely expressing her excitement and admiration for Moses Bliss. They posit that her actions were purely a response to the surprise appearance of a celebrity she admires, not a deliberate slight against her husband.

-Others suggested that Ekene’s actions were not disrespectful to her husband, but rather a reflection of her love for God. They argued that she was kneeling and hugging Moses Bliss as a way of thanking God for the blessings in her life.


Reactions against Ekene Umenwa’s actions

-Some social media users criticized Ekene’s actions, describing them as a disgrace to her husband. They argued that the respect most women give their pastors, gospel singers, and many more is way too much than their husbands.

-Others suggested that if the roles were reversed, the woman would not be happy if the man abandoned her to hug a female celebrity.


Overall, Moses Bliss’s surprising attendance at Ekene Umenwa’s wedding has sparked a lot of debate on social media, with many people weighing in. The singer’s gesture, on the other hand, clearly gave delight to the newlyweds and made their special day even more unforgettable.



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