How Can My Pastor Threaten You! – Church Member Slams Chef Dami

Chef Dami has been chastised by an unidentified member of the Spirit World Global Mission in Ekiti for claiming she got threats from his pastor.

Dami, born Damilola Adeparusi, went viral in June after completing a 120-hour cooking marathon.

The Ekiti-based chef recently turned to social media to allege she has been living in “constant fear for my life.”

She also begged the public to “hold Adegoke Jeremiah accountable in the event that anything happens to me.”

In response to Dami’s post in a viral video, a church member said the chef was spreading incorrect information about his pastor, Jeremiah.

He said she is using “this tactics because she is no longer recognised by the ministry”.

The young man in the video also asked Dami to provide evidence to back her claims.

“Tell her to give evidence for what she is saying, everything they are lies,” he said.

“She is lying everywhere. What is she trying to say? They should go and carry my pastor, for what? What did he do to you? Provide evidence for what you are saying.

“The problem with Dami is that she cannot do anything outside Spirit World, she cannot trend, she has noticed that it has been a while since she has trended.

“The ministry does not acknowledge her anymore. So what does she do? She comes online and says something that will affect Spirit World and herself so everyone would pity her and think she is telling the truth. She is lying!”

The chef earlier promised to share details of the nature of her misunderstanding with her pastor.

Jeremiah is also yet to comment on the allegation — as of the time of this report.

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