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How Ekweremadu’s Daughter Reacted To Her Parents’ Conviction

Ekweremadus daughter

Sonia, the daughter of former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, has provided her perspective of what happened before and after her parents were detained.


Sonia told the BBC that being imprisoned with her parents was terrifying. In response to her parents’ conviction for organ trafficking by a UK court, the former deputy senate president’s daughter stated that she disagrees with the conviction even if she understands it. She also stated that she would be biased in such a case since she would always be on the side of her parents. She also stated that the matter will be dropped.


She explained that she has lymphatic syndrome, which means her kidney is tiny and has huge holes. When asked if she was involved in the search for a kidney, she responded no, adding that everything was handled by her family. She also stated that her father’s family was barred from donating due to a history of kidney problems.


Sonia did not respond directly to the portrayal of the 21-year-old Nigerian man who was transported to the UK for alleged “kidney donation” as her cousin. She further stated that since the case became public, she has received a large number of donations.


Sonia also stated that she and her parents have no ill will against the 21-year-old Nigerian guy whose evidence led to their incarceration, and that her parents are normally calm when she sees them in prison. Sonia, who stated that things will never be the same after her parents’ conviction, also expressed guilt because everything happened because of her.


It was announced earlier today that a Central Criminal Court in the United Kingdom’s Old Bailey sentenced former Senate Deputy President Ike Ekweremadu to nine years and eight months in jail for organ trafficking. Beatrice, his wife, was also condemned to four years and six months in prison by the court.

Ike Ekweremadu Beatrice Ekweremadu and Dr Obinna Obeta

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Ike Ekweremadu Beatrice Ekweremadu and Dr Obinna Obeta

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