How Ladies Avoided Me Due To My Facial Appearance – Actor, Stephen Alajemba

Stephen Alajemba, a Nigerian actor, has spoken about how he was rejected by ladies and others as a child because of his facial and physical characteristics.

In a recent interview, the actor stated that ladies “run away” when they see his face.

Alajemba claimed his mother told him that as a newborn, people refused to carry him because he did not appear attractive.

He stated that, despite women’s rejections, he married at the age of 23.

“My mother said my birth was not an easy one… The one that pained her the most was anyone who came to congratulate her because of me, once they saw me, they were shocked and went back. They will tell her they will come back. The next person came and did the same thing and once they saw me they were shocked. They will say later and never come back again. That I did not make money for her,” he said.

“The most painful one was that whenever she carried me to church or meeting. That nobody will accept carrying me for her. Nobody will tell her to bring her child so they will carry for her. That I did not earn anything good for her. I told her I was going to make her proud.

“Any lady who sees my facial look and stature runs away.

“Unfortunately before one accepted me I was already 20 to 22 years. I married at 23. So the first person tasted it and confirmed it and she did not leave me anymore.”

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