How Video Insinuating I Was Mentally Unstable Ruined My Career – Hanks Anuku

Hanks Anuku, the renowned Nigerian actor, claims that the viral video claiming he was mentally unstable “ruined” his career.

In 2022, the actor was seen in torn clothes, wandering the streets and chatting to himself.

Shan George contradicted the claim shortly after the video leaked online, stating that Anuku is “not insane” as popularly assumed.

Adanma Luke denied George’s claim as the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) investigated the situation.

The actor clarified that the video was on a movie set.He further claimed that the persons who shared the video were attempting to harm his image.

In a recent interview, Anuku stated that he had lost friends and money, and that producers had stopped contacting him for employment.

The 64-year-old also stated that he was simply attempting to fit into the film’s storyline, which needed him to be a psychologically ill man.

Anuku also stated that he experienced agony and was “heartbroken” that “someone could do this to me”.

“I was trying to get into character for a role I was going to play, a madman role. Someone who was not in his correct senses or right frame of mind,” he said.

“So I had to go naturally visit the environment on how I would play it in that same neighborhood. I was just showing the way the director wanted me to do it, meditating and getting into character.

“I lost friends, producers no longer contacted me for jobs. I lost a lot of money, I lost jobs, I was jobless. People did not care about me. It was God who directed my footsteps to a good soul.

“I went through pain, if you were in my shoes you would feel it. I was heartbroken for these people to do this to me.”

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