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‘I Thought I’d Die’ – Chigul Opens Up on Spinal Infection Battle

Chioma Omeruah, also known as Chigul, has spoken up about her fight with a herniated disk, a spine-related ailment.

A herniated disc in the spine is a condition in which the nucleus pulposus is displaced from the intervertebral space, usually as a result of spinal strain or trauma.

It might cause arm or leg pain, numbness, or weakness.

Chigul discussed her inability to bathe or clean herself during her period with Chude Jideonwo on the WithChude podcast.

As her spine became infected, the actress and comedian was advised to take antibiotics for six months and have injections for several weeks.

She added that she endured so much pain that at some point, “I thought of dying. I am like let me not exist. Why am I still alive?

“I have battled a slipped disc situation. In America, they call them herniated discs. I had that for a long time. For years. When I was in America, I was going to have surgery or thought about it, my mother was like ‘there’s no need now. Just do physio.’ So I left it alone,” she said.

“So fast forward we are back here in Nigeria. I was going through the same problem now and then. And of course, my weight maybe was not helping. But I know slim people who have the same thing.

“Later I had to do a procedure. And then I got an infection in my spine from the procedure.

“I didn’t know I had an infection. I had to travel right after the procedure. I was still in so much pain that I had to be in a wheelchair. A couple of months later, I got diagnosed with an infection.

“So I ended up being on antibiotics for six months, one month was an injection every day because it was an intravenous (IV).

“And because it was a ‘nerve’ situation, everything was hurting me. Breathing, coughing, sneezing, and moving were hurting. I had my assistant who lived with me in Abuja move back here because I needed someone to bathe me. I couldn’t wipe myself after bathing. I couldn’t wear clothes. Slept in a chair for six months.

“I started sleeping back on my bed in February of last year.

“Literally, I was just in absolute agony. Going to the doctor always required my mental preparedness and it made me have anxiety.

“I couldn’t explain it. I thought of dying. I am like let me not exist. Why am I still alive?

The comedienne, 46, stated that while she has not totally recovered, “we are not where we were.”

Chigul, who married in 2013 but is now divorced, has stated that she is not interested in dating any male under the age of 40.

She also recalls being pressured to conceive a child in order to save her marriage from dissolution.

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