‘I Was Never Fired From WWTBAM’ – Frank Edoho Dismisses Rumour

Nigerian TV host Frank Edoho has responded to rumors that he was fired from the popular game program “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM)”

From October 8, 2004, when WWTBAM first began, until September 2, 2017, Edoho served as its host.

After a breakdown in a contract deal that would have elevated him to the show’s executive producer role, he departed the program.

However, the game show’s organizers declared last year that Edoho will reprise his position as the show’s anchor.

However, there were rumors that he was fired for unspecified reasons before he was summoned back to anchor the program.

Edoho clarified the misunderstanding in a recent interview with the Bananas and Boujee podcast, claiming that a troll had tried to use it as a means of ridiculing him.

The TV host refuted the allegations, stating that he was never fired.

“Nobody has ever fired me in my career, and the employer that makes a mistake to leave me, they have always regretted,” he said.


Edoho earlier revealed how a Twitter poll prompted the organisers to make a U-turn back to him after 76 auditions for new people.

“When ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ came back, they did 76 auditions for new people. After the 76th audition, it just so happened that one day, one guy on Twitter just did a poll on ‘who is the king of suspense on TV?’ and he listed four of us,” he had said.

“And everyone replied that Frank is the undisputed king of suspense. I didn’t do anything but I just saw my name trending.

“It was at that point they did the 76th audition and they saw that thing trending. Then, they left the 76 people and started calling me.”

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