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WATCH: Portable Beats Charles Okocha in Celebrity Boxing Match

The controversial artist Portable has emerged victorious over Nollywood actor Charles Okocha in a hotly disputed celebrity boxing battle.

After the fourth round, the hitmaker of “Zazoo Zeh” emerged victorious. The competition took place at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos, early on Wednesday morning.

The conversation started around one in the morning and went on for nearly forty minutes.

In the opening round, Portable attacked Okocha while wearing his blue armless shirt and shorts. The actor attempted in vain to sidestep many blows thrown by the singer.

Okocha also took in multiple jabs from Portable who was determined to win the fist fight.

Watch the video below:


The singer claimed the actor had stolen money from him, which led to the very hilarious fight.

After an endorsement arrangement, Portable claimed last month that the actor had refused to provide him N20 million.

He asserted that Okocha received N40 million as compensation, but the actor declined to give him his cut.

Okocha responded by saying that Portable had tried to establish “friendship” with him. The actor stated that he “wanted to help a brother” and that he would subsequently invite Portable to a function.

Okocha asserted that no contracts were made and that the artist did not participate in any of the festivities. After the occasion, he “transferred a whopping N5 million” to Portable, he continued.

Following a protracted online argument, the two decided to settle their scores with a ring fight.

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