I’m Getting Global Recognition For My Fashion Designs – Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani, a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, claims that her designs are gaining international attention.

In a recent Channels TV interview, the fashion designer stated that she has received a lot of attention from international blogs because of her art.

The 41-year-old entrepreneur claims to be dominating the fashion industry.

Lawani also took aim at those who frequently criticize her designs. They don’t understand the strength and hard work required, she claims.

“During COVID, the design I made for Omashola got CNN, Washington Post, BBC, and TMZ wanting to interview me. They posted it, it was overwhelming,” she said.

“The ones that didn’t understand it trolled me for it. People misunderstand my designs because they don’t understand the strength it takes. It’s hard.

“But later they start digesting the message and they see that I have a point. With my designs, I go hard and I go soft, I go high and I go low, anyhow you want to embrace it the message must always come across.

“Most of my designs I think hard about. I tell myself I want to create something that is different. Most of my arts and crafts have been able to open doors for me internationally.

“Things I would need to pay for, they just pick it up and do a beautiful story about a Nigerian designer. I think that’s what has been opening doors for me internationally, breaking boundaries everywhere, it has just been totally amazing.

“People wonder how I come up with my designs and when I share the process, the molding and casting, they see that it’s not easy to create. It’s hard to create.

“In that space, I’ve been able to dominate. People now know my piece even without being tagged to it. I love art, I love painting, I love drawing on pieces and you would know my touch on a piece when you see it.”

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