‘Labels Trying to Clone Me… No More Big 3’ – Rema Goes on X Rant

Divine Ikubor, also known as Rema, expressed anger with Afrobeats in a lengthy X rant.

Rema accused music labels of “trying to clone me” in a series of tweets, meaning that some record labels are attempting to model their artists after him.

The Afrobeats star also claimed that most artists have adopted him as a blueprint since his debut in 2019.

The ‘Calm Down’ singer has announced that he is officially on par with the country’s top three artists: Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy.

“No more Big 3 there’s now a Big 4,” he wrote.

“Tell your stylists to stop sending mails to brands with my name to get clothes imma pull up to your show and strip u on stage cuz that’s my sh*t HOE! fake celebrities, fake industry.

“Labels get creative, stop trying to clone me. Rema made Afrobeat EP’s a Big statement. Every new Artist since 2019 ate from the same template. Uh oh.

“They wanna live fast. They take the crazy advance. The music is fueled by pressure. Then they dump it on y’all. The new age Afro cycle, I love it.”

Reacting to the assumption that he must be kicking off an album cycle with the rant, Rema wrote: “No new music. Sorry. I’m Too big for fake PR bye!”

This is not the first time Rema will rant about X.

In May 2021, the singer accused artists of cheating music producers.

In a prior tirade in September 2020, Rema expressed frustration with critics who labeled his music as “rubbish” because he used terms from his own tongue.


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