Mechanic Who Returned N10.8m ‘Receives N50k As Reward’

Timothy, a mechanic who went viral for returning N10.8 million that had been inadvertently put into his account, has reportedly received N50,000 as a prize.

Chinonso Ndukwe, one of Timothy’s customers, stated in a Facebook post that the mechanic appeared sick when he visited him in person.

He further claimed Timothy informed him that he got paid N50,000 for his gesture.

“Today (Tuesday) when I saw him he was quite ill. He said he is having a headache,” he wrote.

“The man that he returned his money gave him N50,000.00. People can be really unimaginable.”

In another post, Ndukwe said Timothy was disappointed because the man he returned the money to was “ungrateful and stingy”.

“My mechanic was visibly disappointed with the customer that gave him 50k not because he was entitled but because the man was grossly ungrateful, stingy, and materialistically cosmetic at its best,” he added.

“He is the one who felt entitled to the magnitude of Mr Timothy’s generosity by that peanut gesture.

“I will never sacrifice my liberty on the altar of verbal exchange with tireless Kangaroos such as Amanda Chisom who called Mr Timothy entitled because I shared my encounter with him on my wall.”

On Monday, Itoba, the contractor, revealed that he made a wrong payment to Timothy who immediately returned the money to him.

He said the money was for a project while commending Timothy for being an honest man.

Itoba also encouraged anyone who might need Timothy’s service to patronise him.

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