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Nigerian Woman Doubles World Record Time For Longest Crocheting Marathon

Chidinma Modupe Okafor of Lagos, Nigeria, has more than doubled the world record for the longest crocheting marathon, finishing in 72 hours.

According to a Guinness World Records website post on Tuesday, the 30-year-old Chidinma constructed a white dinner gown during her three-day “crochet-a-thon”.

Alessandra Hayden (USA) established the previous record of 34 hours, 7 minutes in 2021.

According to Guinness, Chidinma has been crocheting outfits and accessories since she was a toddler.

Chidinma created a white dinner gown during her three-day “crochet-a-thon”. Credit: Guinness World Records


She explained that her choice to attempt this record arose from a lifetime enthusiasm for the profession, as well as a desire to challenge her physical and mental boundaries.

She added: “I aim to showcase the artistry and perseverance involved in this craft and promote awareness about crocheting and its benefits.”

Crocheting is the process of making fabrics or apparel by interlocking loops of yarn or wool with a hook.

Chidinma had to crochet continuously throughout the effort to break the record, which meant she had to move on to the next ball of yarn as soon as she finished one.

Chidinma was allowed two hours of rest per day, as was the case with all ‘longest marathon’ record attempts. Only during these periods was she able to eat, sleep, use the restroom, or change clothing.

Chidinma produced the white dinner gown during a three-day “crochet-a-thon”. Credit: Guinness World Records

“My preparation for the record attempt involved rigorous training and mental conditioning,” she revealed.

“It also required physical endurance and strategizing to maintain a consistent pace while minimizing fatigue.

“Additionally, logistics such as arranging for sufficient yarn with support staff were crucial for the uninterrupted progress of the attempt.”

Chidinma initially set out to crochet a wedding gown, but as time passed and fatigue took its toll on her, she decided to turn it into a dinner gown suitable for various occasions.

“I couldn’t do extra hours,” she explained.

She was inspired by her compatriot Hilda Baci, who last year completed the world’s longest culinary marathon.

Chidinma is one of several Nigerians who have broken world records in the wake of Hilda’s famous cook-a-thon, including Helen Williams (longest and widest wig), Ewa Cole (longest marathon singing Christmas songs), Clara Chizoba Kronborg (longest interviewing marathon), and Tonye Solomon (most steps climbed on a ladder while balancing a football on the head).

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