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Music Is Part Of Me And I Can’t Drop It….Tee Songz #StarsConnect



Tunde Orebanjo Also known as Tee songz, is a multitalented RnB /soul/pop singer/songwriter. He started singing at a very tender age right from the children’s choir.
Born on March 15, He later joined the university choir where he totally embraced his passion for music and after, completing his first degree @ olabisi onabanjo university where he studied computer science.

Tee songz currently resides in Lagos and works as an artiste and music producer. He has great stage presence garnered performing at weddings, concerts and other events in Nigeria.



You are welcome to StarsConnect Network, which is a Subsidiary of Jetheights Services. Stars Connect network is a programme that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, inspirational speakers, pastors, and leaders in the society, upcoming artistes, NGOs, people giving back to the society and the world at large. We conduct interview sessions to find out everything we can about their journey to stardom, we hope to bring together stars who can be of benefit to one another and who can synergize with Jetheights in other to impact the community. Once again you are welcome to StarsConnect

Tee Songz: Thank you very much

Can you please indroduce yourself to us?

Tee Songz: My name is Tunde Orebanjo, I’m from Ogun State, I graduated from Onabisi Onobanjo University, I studied Computer Science.

Tell Us your Personality

Tee Songz: I’m a calm person, I love anything Music and I paint as well


Tee Songz: Yes I paint, I can paint you just the way you sitting now

So why did you choose music over Painting?

Tee Songz: I still paint, but music takes more of my time.

When did you start your musical Career?

Tee Songz: I started professionally in 2008

How long would you want to be relevant in the musical Industry?

Tee Songz: For as long as it takes, Is my career and I’m pursuing it big time. Music is part of me and I can’t drop it.

What kind of music do you do?


Tee Songz: I do RnB majorly but I can also infuse pop and Fuji into my songs, but my strength lies in RnB.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Tee Songz: A highlight in my career started when I was in a reality show GLO NAIJA SINGS in 2011, I was the 3rd runner up then, and that exposed me a lot it brought me to limelight.

What’s your plan for your musical career?

Tee Songz: My Plan is making money and Investing with it. You know money is the root of all success.

Are you working on any project presently?

Tee Songz: yes, I just dropped a video title Onome which was shot in U.I (University of Ibadan) and I’m working on more video.

How do you relate with your fans?

Tee Songz: I’m a very free person, I play, hug, gist with them and we exchange contacts.

What’s your family Interest on your musical career?

Tee Songz: They have been supportive

What musicians do you admire?

Tee Songz: I admire the young artistes like Wizkid, Davido because they are achieving a lot at their age and in a very short time. They give me drive to do more and they inspire me.


How do you manage your everyday life and career?

Tee Songz: It is all about time management, and I place my priorities right. When I’m not doing music, I do other things like painting and reading.

What’s your definition of Success?

Tee Songz: I define success with how much you can impact and bless someone/ people. A successful man is a man that impacts others and makes them successful.

What’s your Advice for Aspiring Artiste and people that look up to you?

Tee Songz: I can only advice them to keep pushing and not getting distracted, because there’s a lot of distractions out there but don’t give up.


Once again you welcome to StarsConnect Studio, and thanks for coming

Tee Songz: It’s my pleasure

My Name is Tunde Orebanjo  aka Tee songz chilling out at StarsConnect Studio the Place to be as a Star.

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