Nigerian Travel Advisor Names Cheap Countries to Live

A man stated that one may travel and reside in some of the better Schengen nations in Europe with N2 million.

The travel expert Dave mentioned on TikTok that a mere N2 million may be used to go from Nigeria to Denmark.

When a follower asked Dave what nations one could visit with N2 million, he replied that other European nations like Belgium and Norway make excellent places to live.

Dave mentioned that the only difficulty Nigerians moving to Denmark would encounter is a language issue, but otherwise, he claimed, there are plenty of work options.

Checks show that Denmark, Norway and Belgium, mentioned by Dave, are all members of the Schengen zone.

One can travel to these countries with only one visa. Currently, the Schengen visa costs only N79,000 or 80 Euros. Also, checks show that a round-trip air ticket from Lagos to Denmark currently costs $1,115 Dollars or N999,000.

With a Schengen visa, a traveller can stay in any of the countries in the zone for 90 days.

See the man’s video below:


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Social media reactions to Dave’s post:

@Emp said:

“Try any Gulf country. N2m go do.”


“Wow, are you sure N2 million can take someone to Denmark.”

@KingSon said:

“Brother, I have N7m, and I have already applied for a Canada visiting visa, but I don’t like the visa again. I want to change the country.”

@OpenMind commented:

“Everyone is a travel adviser now…….only flight ticket will eat the N2 million naira.”

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