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Bella Disu: 5 Luxury Properties Developed by Mike Adenuga’s Daughter

Bella Disu, Mike Adenuga’s daughter, is not only responsible for developing Globacom into Nigeria’s largest digital service provider, but is also making major progress in the real estate market.

As CEO of Cobblestone homes and Estates, she is in the forefront of creating high-end homes that are redefining luxury living and corporate spaces in Nigeria.

Bella Disu’s role in these advances is not merely administrative; it is visionary. Her leadership in steering Cobblestone Properties toward such transformative initiatives has not only improved the quality of life and business in Nigeria, but has also established her as a significant actor in defining the future of Africa’s urban landscapes.

Bella Disu’s continuous work continues to set new standards in the real estate market, demonstrating that luxury and functionality can coexist harmoniously, enriching both the skyline and the street level of Nigerian cities.

Bella’s real estate career began in November 2011, when she took over Cobblestone Properties and Estates. Under her leadership, the firm has taken on ambitious projects that combine grandeur and functionality, resulting in places that support community and economic prosperity. With 12 finished properties and 7 more in the works, Bella’s influence on the Nigerian real estate sector is clear. Bella Disu created 5 beautiful villas.

1. Bella’s Place, Victoria Island

Bella’s Place, a six-story luxury office building in the heart of Victoria Island, exemplifies corporate sophistication. Each 220 sqm floor is designed to accommodate high-caliber firms and is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to foster innovation and growth.

The building has a range of high-end amenities, including cutting-edge security systems, ample parking, and 24-hour facility management.

2. Sisi Paris, Ikoyi

Sisi Paris is a residential development that combines elegance and comfort. This property in Ikoyi features 18 high-end flats as well as an exceptional penthouse. Each unit is built to optimize natural light, giving inhabitants lovely views and a peaceful living environment.

The amenities are extensive, including a children’s play area and a workout center, ensuring that residents live a balanced lifestyle.

3. Niger Towers, Ikoyi

Also in Ikoyi, the Niger skyscrapers are currently being renovated to become twin residential skyscrapers. Once completed, they will have 36 stylish flats with three or four bedrooms.

The towers are being created with seclusion and elegance in mind, with amenities that meet both recreational and utilitarian demands, such as a tennis court, swimming pool, and planted gardens.

Ilé Ọjà, Victoria Island

Ilé Ọjà on Victoria Island offers a modern mall with 14 individual store areas, redefining the retail experience. The design guarantees that each shop benefits from the visibility and ambiance required in a high-end retail setting.

Practical conveniences such as firefighting systems, abundant parking, and top-notch security make it an excellent choice for growing organizations.

Ilé Ọjà Òpébí, Ikeja

Ilé Ọjà Òpébí, located in Ikeja’s popular Opebi district, offers vast retail units to meet both modern and business demands. This shopping complex, designed with the entrepreneur in mind, blends functionality and aesthetic appeal to create a vibrant environment in which enterprises can thrive.

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