SIFAX and ECU Worldwide Partner To Boost Nigerian Exports

SIFAX Shipping Company Limited, a subsidiary of SIFAX Group, a leading multinational conglomerate led by Nigerian logistics tycoon Taiwo Afolabi, has formed a partnership with ECU Worldwide to boost Less-than-Container Load (LCL) export activities, opening up new opportunities for Nigerian businesses in the global market.

The alliance intends to assist small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) who experience difficulties in accessing foreign markets due to low cargo quantities. In contrast to full-container-load (FCL) options, LCL shipping allows firms to share container space while paying only for what they utilize.

SIFAX Logistics Company Limited’s Managing Director, Paul Linden, stressed that the new service is in response to increased consumer inquiries. “Many SMEs and business owners want to access the foreign market but are hampered by their low cargo quantities. Our LCL service is designed to bridge this gap, boosting export activities and driving growth in Nigeria’s export sector,” he said.

Adekunle Owobamirin, SIFAX Shipping’s Assistant General Manager, stated that this agreement marks the first specialized LCL export service from Nigeria to the worldwide market provided by a consolidator partnership. ECU Worldwide has a vast network of 2,400 direct trade lanes in 180 countries, giving tremendous reach for Nigerian exporters.

“ECU has meticulously reviewed our facilities, and we have a dedicated team in place to ensure seamless operations,” said Owobamirin. “This collaboration unlocks a world of export opportunities for our clients.”

SIFAX Group, founded in 1988 by Nigerian lawyer Taiwo Afolabi, is one of Africa’s fastest-growing international firms, with interests ranging from aviation to oil and gas, maritime, haulage, logistics, and hospitality.

Afolabi’s strategic leadership has had a significant impact on the group’s expansion, transforming it into a key contributor to the Nigerian economy and a source of employment for a wide range of professionals.

SIFAX Group and Singapore-based Changi Airports International began conversations with Nigerian federal and Lagos State authorities earlier this year. These discussions focus on forming a constructive relationship to move the country’s aviation sector forward.

The SIFAX Group-Changi Airports International relationship represents a collaborative effort to harness shared expertise and resources. This strategic alliance has the potential to greatly improve airport operations and the quality of aviation services throughout Nigeria.

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