#StarsConnect! Meet Babatunmise Agboola, an Award Winning Gospel Artiste

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Can we meet you sir?

It’s a great privilege to be here! I must say, thank you for having me. I am Babatunmise, an award winning gospel artiste, based in the city of Ibadan, also from Ibadan, Orita Merin to be precise…Amen!… (Laugh) I’m also an event compare and anything that has to do with Youths empowerment, that’s all I’m about. I love God and I believe in God! (Laugh).

Babatunmise and Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO of Jetheights Services Ltd.

Babatunmise in a pose with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO of Jetheights Service Ltd.

How was your Childhood like?

Childhood for wasn’t too fun like some other people. When your mum is a teacher, we always know where my mum keeps the cane. It’s important that the cane will always serve every time. Sometimes, my mum will even beat you for the things you haven’t done. When she’s going out, she will call all of us out, line us up, and start to give us two strokes of cane each. If we ask, mummy, what have done? She will say, you did nothing but I know before I return you must have done something. So, I’m beating you in advance. That was how childhood was like for me. You can’t avoid making some unnecessary mistakes. Anyway, that really helped me build myself on not to make the wrong decision.

Could you please shed more light on your family background?

Funny enough, many people don’t know that I’m actually from a Muslim background. I’ve never been a Muslim but I remember that those days when we were still very much younger, during Ileya festival, my father will bring the (alfa) Muslim Clerics and Pastors to the house to come and pray. I didn’t understand him. He’s from a Muslim background but now, he’s a full flesh Christian. I’ve being in Ibadan all my life. Thank God for what I’m doing that’s taking me around the world. I’m the third born of the family of four children with one girl and three boys.

Tell us about your educational background

I started my Primary School at Divine Nursery and Primary school; from there I proceeded to Ibadan Grammar School. I’m a victim of if you don’t do Science; you are not brilliant. So, from Ibadan grammar school, I moved to Oladipo Alayande School of Science because I wanted to show to people that I’m brilliant. After School of Science, I went to Lead City University to study English.

Babatunmise and friend in a Chat with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO, Jetheights Services Ltd

Babatunmise and friend in a chat with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO of Jetheights Service Ltd.

Tell us your journey into Music Industry

My background shaped my journey into music. My father loves music so well. So, growing up for us, we saw lots of very big plates that they used to play music unlike the CD that we have nowadays. My dad has the turn table in his house. My father loves music. I saw my father dancing into all kinds of music like Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade, Epo Akara and the likes. In a way, Church too, I was in the Children’s Choir, Church Choir, I’ve always have passion for music. I knew I’m going to do something in the music industry but I didn’t know why I went to the school of science.

Who influenced you? And how did they influence you?

The basic influence was from God. When I started to make music, I met lots of people that helped trace my steps to greater things. I must mention Mike Abdul. He’s one of the few mentors that I have. He puts me through so many things, Also, Gbenga Adenuga. Before I met Mike Abdul it was Gbenga Adenuga. Big Bolaji and others

Babatunmise with Jetheights Staff

Babatunmise with Jetheights Staff

Tell us about your band “Music Me and Him”

Music Me and Him is my band like you said. I started it 8years ago. When I started ministering, I believe God for what to call the ministry that was how Music Me and Him came up. Music Me and Him means Music Myself and God. Those that we started together then are no longer with us now but some wanted to come back now. You know, when you start out anything, some people would not want to understand where you’re going. So, it’s normal. But along the line, when you are growing, they’ll beg to come back. So, there’s a lot of joy seeing those that had left trying to come back again. It means there is growth.  That’s all what Music Me and Him is all about.

Is there any improvement in the Gospel Music world?

There are lots! For me, there are lots of improvements. What I met when I started the music is not what is now. The kind of video that I met then was a kind of video that the artist will sit beside their television in their living room beside the flower. That was the kind of the video then. But now, when you see the video of lots of gospel artistes, you will know that there’re lots of improvements.

Could it be because of the economic situation of the country, money or fame that made you go into entertainment?

Basically, it’s not about the money or the fame. Even before I decided to go fully into music, I’ve been doing comparing events way back in school. I always anchor departmental dinners and other things. So, it’s not about recession (Laugh) because there was no recession when I started. It’s about passion.  Some people believe if you are not into entertainment you are nowhere while some believe that certificate is everything. As a matter of fact, you are not your certificate, you are your work. So, for me, it’s about passion.

L-R: Mr. Matthew Ogunshina, Manager, Jetheights Service, Babatunmise and Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO of Jetheights Services Ltd.

L-R: Mr. Matthew Ogunshina, Manager, Jetheights Service, Babatunmise and Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO of Jetheights Services Ltd.

Who is your role model?

Mike Abdul! Spaghetti Records. He’s my role model.

How many album have you done so far?

I’m about to drop my debut album. My debut album is coming up on 30th October, 2016.

Anything new cooking?

Yes oh! It’s cooking. As a matter of fact, it’s done, only to hit the market. The title of my debut album is OGO OLA and I’m going to be dropping it on 30th October. I featured Kenny Kore, Monique, Adams, Mike Abdul and Wale Sax in the album. We have 12 tracks in the album. The 30th is for my Concert and the Album launch. Copies of the album will be made available at the concert and after, it’s going to be market by Omoola’s Stores Nationwide.

Babatunmise and friend in a Chat with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO, Jetheights Services Ltd

Babatunmise and friend in a chat with Mr. Ayo Alex Alao, CEO of Jetheights Service Ltd.

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

Lots of strength, energy, ideas, and lots of money went into each. I love all my songs. Everything I’ve done is my favorites.

What are the challenges facing gospel music?

There are too many challenges facing all industries. Know fully well that “nobody tells success story without challenges.” So, it’s not good to major on the challenges. I wouldn’t want to talk about the challenges. There are too many challenges. For me, once they come, use them as stepping stones. Challenges will always come at every new level. Just keep your head straight and keep your dreams tight.

Is Babatunmise your brand name?

(Laugh) Amazingly, I get that a lot of time. Babatunmise is my real name. My full name is Babatunmise Agboola Oluwatunmise.

What skills are important for a successful career in gospel music?

If you must be a gospel artiste or get a career in music, you must have the passion for it. This is because when the frustration comes, the passion will keep you going. Also, always learn. Nobody is a highland of knowledge. Keep learning new things.

What is the worst decision you have ever made as gospel artiste and what did it teach you?

Not necessarily worst decision but I think I should have been patient. There was a time I recorded about four songs, Praise medley and so many things. Just to try. Looking back to that production, I’m not that pleased and proud of the quality. What that taught me was don’t be in a hurry, take your time and do good things.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement is given my life to Christ. Being born again is the greatest.

You are handsome young man. How do you relate with your female fans?

There’s no special treatment to both the female and the male. I love all my fans both male and female because to a large extent, they’ve encouraged what we put up. I love them all. Thank you all.

What is your advice for the young and aspiring people that want to go into gospel music and the gospel artistes in general?

For every young and upcoming artiste, be true to yourself. Let your source be God and God alone. Put your trust in God and God alone. Because, when frustration comes, it is only God that can bring you out. I will also like to say, whatever your mind can conceive or receive, believe it can be achieve.

Babatunmise with Jetheights Staff

Babatunmise with Jetheights Staff

How are your charges?

I also sing at events and parties. For me, I don’t charge churches. I only make sure they sort out our logistics because I have Instrumentalists that what they live on is their gifts. Once it’s social or business, we charge. There is no fix price but I’m very affordable.

With your busy schedule, how do you recess?

Somebody asked me this same question and I have to think for five minutes before I could answer. I think most of the time, how I recess is Social Media. That’s one addiction that I believe God for deliverance. I’m always on Social Media. I don’t watch Television; I’m not a football fan, but very much on Social Media.

How do people reach out to you?

Plot33, Block34, Oluyole Estate, Ring Road, Ibadan

Tel: 08079995322, 08063132149

Facebook: Babatunmise

Instagram: @iambabatunmise

 Twitter: @iambabatunmise

E-mail: [email protected]

For more information about StarsConnect:

Phone No: 09050888890

Email: [email protected]


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