Video of Mr Ibu After Amputation Surfaces Online

A video of John Okafor, commonly known as Mr. Ibu, after suffering amputation has surfaced online.

For months, the actor has been battling an unnamed disease.

Ibu’s family reported on November 6 that the actor’s leg had been severed following seven surgeries.

However, Ibu’s adoptive daughter, Jasmine Okafor, tweeted a video of the actor recovering in the hospital on Thursday.

In the video, the actor was seen still receiving treatment and being attended to by his family.

In accompanying caption, Jasmine wrote, “As long as you are getting better, nothing else matters. I remain silent until you are back on your feet again! Cheers”.


Ibu’s health problems initially came to light in October, when a video of the actor pleading for help was posted on Instagram.

“I have been down for so many weeks. And I am hoping for your prayers and assistance. As I am speaking to you, I am still lying down in the hospital,” he had said.

Mr. Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, accused Jasmine of stealing the cash donated for his surgery on November 13.

Stella said that Jasmine was “secretly controlling” the contribution bank account.

Jasmine “cooked up all kinds of lies and propaganda against me” when she requested accountability for the donations, she claimed.

She also denied Jasmine’s assertion that she received N1 million to spend on herself.

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