What Pete Edochie Said About Men That Beat Women

Pete Edochie, an acclaimed actor, believes that a man can only be considered a true actor if he does not hit women.

The Hollywood star shared his thoughts on marriage at International Women’s Day (IWD) last week.

Edochie implied that a nonviolent individual has everything it takes to control a country.

The legendary actor, who celebrated his 77th birthday on March 8, also praised women for their roles in the family. He warned that a woman’s strength rests in her “tongue”.

“My 77th birthday coincided with the celebration of the International Women’s Day. So I want to use this opportunity to congratulate our women. A house is a house but converted to a home only when a woman gets into it. The strength of a woman is in her tongue,” he said.

“If a woman provokes you and you strike her, you do not qualify to be called a man. But if you can cope with a woman, you can run a local government, you can run a country. I want to tell you that.

“So congratulations to all the women. Keep it up. You make us proud. You take care of our children.”

The actor has been married to Josephine for 54 years, and they have five sons together.

Edochie has featured in over 200 movies in his nearly four-decade acting career.

He has starred in films like ‘Things Fall Apart’ and ‘Living with Death’.

He is acclaimed to be the “Lion of Nollywood”.

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