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What to Know About the Nigeria’s Havilah Beauty Supply in New York

From Queensly’s passion and unwavering determination to supply Black consumers with beauty products specially manufactured to cater to their hair textures and skin tones, Havilah Beauty Supply was born. Photo credit: Havilah Beauty Supply via Amona Media

When Queensly Ajibola, founder of Havilah Beauty Supply, left her native Nigeria to dwell in the heart of the bustling and ever-vibrant city of New York, she had no idea she would subsequently break limits in the beauty supply sector several years later. Havilah Beauty Supply is one of the first successful Black-owned beauty supply stores in Jamaica, Queens, and has been in business for over a decade.

Queensly moved to New York City in her mid-20s with the love of her life and their 10-month-old daughter, Princess Adenike, with the American Dream in mind and a lot of love in her heart. They didn’t have much, but they had each other. Making their goal a reality, however, was far from easy.

As Queensly’s husband, Tunde Ajibola, moved into the realm of entrepreneurship, their family faced the predictable ebb and flow of success and failure. Their path, like that of countless immigrant families struggling to keep economically afloat, was not without difficulties, including increasing debts and periods of financial pressure while raising their four children – Princess, William, Israel, and Elizabeth.

She graduated from nursing school in 2009 with a heart full of hope for the future. Tragically, tragedy struck just six months later when her spouse died unexpectedly. Queensly was left not only with her grief but also with the task of caring for her four young children and handling the family’s finances as she struggled to come to grips with her loss and new status as a widow.

Despite these obstacles and challenges, the mother of four remained dedicated and soon realized something fundamental. She said, “I knew my nursing salary wouldn’t be enough to cover everything ahead. There was tons of debt, our home was on the brink of foreclosure, and I knew my kids would soon go to college, and they were all back-to-back in age. I knew I needed to do more.”

Photo credit: Havilah Beauty Supply via Amona Media

This revelation kindled a bold vision within her: to open a beauty supply store that would break ground in the beauty industry. Princess, her 14-year-old daughter with her own ambitions, was instrumental in inspiring her mother to accomplish her objective. The adolescent envisioned a Black-owned beauty supplies store in their community that would honor both black men and women.

Queensly was acutely aware of the formidable challenges posed by the beauty supply industry, which was primarily controlled by Korean wholesalers. She remained steadfast in her commitment to this vision, which was rooted in a deep desire to empower her community and provide much-needed representation in an industry that frequently overlooked their specific needs.

According to McKinsey & Company, Black customers in the United States are three times more likely than non-Black consumers to be unsatisfied with their hair care, skincare, and makeup options, despite accounting for 11.1 percent of total beauty spending. Imagining the stress and frustration that most melanated consumers feel when looking for acceptable beauty products.


As a result of Queensly’s unyielding drive to provide Black consumers with beauty products specifically designed to appeal to their hair types and complexion tones, Havilah Beauty Supply was born—a tribute to her everlasting faith in the face of hardship.

It embodies not only the essence of a business, but also a lively centre of empowerment and community, offering a diverse choice of Black beauty items from throughout the world, including Africa and the Caribbean.

Havilah Beauty Supply has evolved into a valued community treasure, giving a platform for Black entrepreneurs and artisans to showcase their abilities in addition to delivering a lovingly chosen variety of beauty items catered to the special requirements of Black individuals.

This dedication not only strengthens the local economy, but it also promotes a sense of solidarity and support among Black company owners.

Queensly Ajibola’s story remains a blazing beacon of hope and inspiration as Havilah Beauty Supply celebrates a decade of success. Her path is a monument to the power of tenacity and faith, demonstrating that despite all odds, one can achieve greatness and make an enduring impression on a community and the world at large.

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