What You Need To Know About Tap Swap

A new cryptocurrency fad is sweeping among Nigerian youth, attracting attention for its simplicity and promise of wealth. TapSwap is a telegram-based crypto-mining project that is gaining traction by turning traditional mining into a fun, game-like experience.

Unlike the complications associated with mining, TapSwap provides a simple and entertaining way to earn money.

TapSwap runs on the Solana blockchain, which is noted for its low fees and high throughput, and includes features such as staking and margin trading. TapSwap, with its original approach, is more than simply a cryptocurrency exchange; it is a thriving community where Nigerians can have fun while earning money.

How It Works

TapSwap’s attractiveness stems primarily from its simplicity. Users engage with the TapSwap Telegram bot by tapping a simulated interface to mine currency. The process is simple: the more you tap, the more points you collect, propelling you up the ranks of TapSwap’s competitive leagues.

Features of TapSwap Mining:

  • Tap-to-Earn: Tap on the icon in the TapSwap bot to mine coins.
  • Leagues: Ascend through levels by outperforming other miners and earn more coins.
  • Boosters: Unlock boosters and complete tasks to maximize your earnings.
  • Friends: Invite friends, help them progress, and earn bonuses for yourself.

How to start

To get started with TapSwap, simply download the Telegram client and activate the TapSwap bot using the given link. From then, the game-like mining begins, with each tap giving you points that decide your rank and possible profits.

What You Need to Know About TapSwap

The Token

TapSwap’s native token, Taps (XTP), is an important part of its ecosystem. It is utilized for transactions, trading, and governance on the TapSwap platform. With a limited number of 1 billion tokens, the distribution is carefully planned: 50% to active community members, 30% to the treasury for future development, and the remaining tokens to the team and advisors.

Current Value

The Taps token is now valued at around NGN 1.57 per XTP on Coinbase, with modest changes on other platforms. Participants in the Tap-to-Earn program can convert their mined coins into genuine Tap tokens, which can subsequently be exchanged or stored as an investment.

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