Why BBNaija Housemates Dislike Me – Doyin

Doyin David, an evicted BBNaija All-Stars housemate, claims that contestants despise her because she has a “mouth.”

Doyin was voted out of the BBNaija All-Stars house on Sunday after receiving the fewest votes.

The reality personality was known in the house for speaking her ideas without any restrictions.

The reality TV actress revealed in an Instagram live session with Imoh Eboh that the roommates disliked her because of the manner she expressed herself.

She also said that her mouth “is bigger than it should be” and that she plans to focus on managing her delivery.

“The housemates did not like me obviously, they did not like my guts. Maybe that is as a result of how I was or the way that I expressed myself,” she said. There is something people need to bear in mind.

“I was the only person in that house who did not know anyone before the show, so I was building new relationships.

“There would have been different things that they picked out and do not like, but it does not mean that the thing is definitely bad. We do not have to have to get along with everybody.

“I am aware that I have a mouth on me. Did I know that it was this extreme? Maybe not. I think that was something I figured out this season, maybe because, with my friends here in real life, I just talk and they don’t complain.

“I guess I found out at the same time as Nigerians that maybe my mouth is a little bigger than it should be. Most of the time it is not even my intention to hurt somebody, it is just my delivery.

“So I think I need to pay more attention to my delivery in general. But I do not think my mouth is a bad thing, I think it is an asset, I just need to control it.”

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