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All About Nigerian Afropop Singer, MaXimo Biography

MaXimo’s full name is Lukman Ibrahim O. He is a well-known Nigerian Afropop singer. He debuted in the Nigerian music industry in 2020, following which he released his debut single, Binary.

Early Life & Education

MaXimo Ibrahim was born on May 20, 1991, in Oyo State, to Mr. and Mrs. Ibrahim. He grew up in Lagos State, which is located in southwestern Nigeria. Despite this, he is from Osun State, which is in the same region. He attended primary and secondary school in Lagos State before continuing his education at a higher level.


While a student, MaXimo paid frequent visits to the studio. During this time, he made a lot of single recordings. Some of these songs have been performed in Lagos at school functions and musical performances. MaXimo’s first single, Binary, was released on his 29th birthday, May 20, 2020.

Binary became a street hymn and an instant hit just a few weeks after its release. It spent weeks at the top of numerous regional music charts and was heavily promoted on regional radio and television. He was invited to be a guest on the Able Online Television show Ona Ola. MaXimo released another single, Know, in August 2020 as a result of the song’s popularity, realizing that his music was already being embraced both nationally and globally.


Maximo is the CEO of a South West Nigerian SME, as well as a musician and entrepreneur. In July 2020, he held a creativity competition for his followers, and the winners received cash prizes totaling #65,000.


  • 2022: My Girl
  • 2021: Good Vibes
  • 2020: Know
  • 2020: Binary

Net Worth

His precise net worth is not known as of this moment because it is still under evaluation.

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