WATCH: Asake Will Shave His Head and Become a Pastor by End of 2024, says Clergy

According to Nigerian prophet Gideon Isah, award-winning singer Asake will “become a pastor by the end of 2024”.

Isah’s forecast coincided with the ‘Lonely At The Top’ hitmaker’s controversial visuals for ‘Only Me’, which sparked social media backlash.

Asake, a Muslim, was accused of “disrespecting the Christian faith” with his music videos.

In a viral TikTok video, Isah predicted that Asake would “cut off his hair” and begin “preaching all around the world”.

According to the founder of Apostle Gideon Isah Ministries, a “celebrity pastor” had previously informed the singer’s mother of his greatness.

Isah, who identified himself as the “first son of Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin,” also claimed Asake had broken his mother’s pledge to God. He further stated that “God is going to arrest him”.

“There is a Nigerian musician that God wants to use him. His name is Asake. God wants to use him as a pastor. He is going for a barb all his hair and he will become a pastor,” he said.

“I am prophesying. I’m not telling you. This is what God said that Asake is going to become a pastor who will be preaching all around the world. He should ask his mother when his mother was looking for him.

“She went to a celebrity pastor and the pastor prayed for her and he told her she was going to carry a baby boy and the boy would be great.

“The mother said if she can have that boy she is going to allow the boy to do anything God wants. And he has deviated. God wants him back and God is going to arrest him. And the arrest is going to come before the end of 2024. Watch out and see.”


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