Bolt Unveils €25,000 Empowerment Initiative for Drivers


Bolt, a Nigerian ride-hailing company, has announced the second phase of its ground-breaking Bolt Accelerator Program, a critical effort aimed at revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape for drivers on its platform.

Bolt is ready to introduce a bespoke online training hub with a focused focus on strengthening the business development competencies of Bolt drivers in a bold move.

The Bolt Academy, in collaboration with famous online learning platforms Coursera and in-person implementation partner PM4Success, represents a significant step toward promoting entrepreneurial brilliance among Bolt drivers.

This thorough three-month program covers a broad range of critical entrepreneurial skills, including Time Management, Productivity, Communication, Customer Service, Project Management, Leadership, and Organizational Skills.

The program will involve 100 drivers in weekly classes designed to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

This revolutionary endeavor comes on the heels of Bolt’s recent Bolt Den project launch in September.

The Bolt Den, which has a seed fund of €25,000 designated to encourage innovative company proposals produced by Bolt drivers, is a resounding reinforcement of Bolt’s dedication to empowering drivers for entrepreneurial success.

An extraordinary 100 drivers have successfully proceeded through the application phase to the ideation phase out of the 1,275 applications received.

100 dedicated drivers actively engaged in specialized ideation sessions designed to equip them with the essential knowledge required for the competent building and development of their company proposals.

As a result, the top 20 drivers who demonstrate the most inventive and interesting business solutions will move on to the intensive bootcamp phase.

This phase is precisely planned to thoroughly prepare them for the next step of the Bolt Den program.

The Bolt Den initiative will reach its apex on the much anticipated Pitch Day, which is scheduled for November 2023. Participating drivers will have the honor of presenting their business proposals and breakthrough innovations to an elite panel of judges on this historic occasion. The most extraordinary ideas will receive the initial funding needed to make their dreams a reality.

A driver representative expressed great enthusiasm for the Accelerator program, emphasizing that it is more than just a learning opportunity for the driver community. That Bolt’s initiative provides hope for Nigerian drivers.

“We are amazed and truly delighted with the turnout for the Accelerator program and the enthusiasm shown by drivers”, says Yahaya Mohammed, Country Manager at Bolt Nigeria. “We strongly believe in the potential of this initiative to empower drivers and we are excited to see what these innovative entrepreneurs accomplish”.

According to Dr. David Emumena, Managing Director of PM4Sucess International, “Bolt Academy is a beacon of opportunity for drivers.” “We believe every driver has the potential to be successful, and we are committed to nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit and bridging the gap to equip drivers for a brighter future.”

“We’re thrilled to play a role in unlocking potential and nurturing entrepreneurship among Bolt drivers,” says Hadi Moussa, Managing Director EMEA at Coursera. “Through this program, we’re not just fostering individual growth with vital business skills, but also positively impacting Nigeria’s economic landscape. It underlines our belief in the transformative power of education on lives and communities.”

Bolt is a super-app with over 150 million customers in more than 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa.

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