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Get to Know Omoha Nduka, Nigerian real Estate Billionaire

Omoha Nduka

A billionaire Nigerian entrepreneur, Prince Omoha Nduka has been making waves in the country’s business community. Nduka has made a name for himself as an astute businessman who seizes opportunities to make money.

According to Forbes and Bloomberg’s most recent index, he founded and is currently chairman and CEO of the Prince Luxury Group, Nigeria’s fastest-growing conglomerate, with an estimated net worth of between $4.3 million and $5 million as of 2020.

His path to success has been astounding, and the many young people in Nigeria and elsewhere who want to change the world via entrepreneurship find encouragement in his tale. This article will examine Omoha Nduka’s life, career, and accomplishments and reveal the factors that contributed to his quick ascent to success.

How Omaha Nduka Started Out

Nduka Omaha With the money he saved by helping his older brother run his firm during the summer months, John, a self-taught and self-made entrepreneur, began selling agricultural raw materials in 2012. This is where he earned his first $1 million.

In 2013, he attracted his first overseas client from Hong Kong by using social media to advertise and promote Nigeria’s agricultural products and minerals. In 2015, he summoned the company’s team over, and they came to an actual agreement to establish a long-term business.

Nduka further ventured into real estate as a developer and investor that same year and he founded the Prince Luxury Group (PLG).

How he became a real estate crooner

After establishing the Prince Luxury Group, a conglomerate dedicated to improving lives and fostering development through long-term investments in key areas of the Nigerian economy like real estate, logistics, construction, and agribusiness, Nduka was forced to travel to Hong Kong for business due to his partnership with the Hong Kong team.

The company which has presence in both Nigeria and Hong Kong has grown to be a diversified group, and of the fastest-growing company in real estate sector, with speciality in modern residential Homes in Abuja, Lagos and other parts of the country.

He gave back to the society

Through his CSR initiatives that prioritize empowerment, education, and capacity building, Prince Omaha has improved the environment in Nigeria. A private pan-African humanitarian organization he started, the Prince Omoha Foundation (POF), has benefited over 70 young men and women across the states of Nigeria.

Each year, applicants receive a non-refundable seed capital grant of $250,000 to support their chosen businesses. By developing and providing the young entrepreneurs with built ecosystems for commitment and implementation, the foundation also complied with the PLG corporate social responsibility programs.

Nduka’s several awards

The creative businessman has received numerous nominations and awards for his accomplishments in 2021, including the e African Young Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Personality of the Year award, a distinguished Fellowship, and the Corporate Leadership Excellence Award (2021 Hall of Fame Ghana).

The young Nigerian was also nominated  by Forbes Africa 30 under 30 class of 2021.

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