How Gregory Rockson is Improving Health Services in Africa

“A world where a mother has to choose between medications for her health or education for her child is an unjust world.” This quotation from Gregory’s LinkedIn page explains the mission of mPharma, an innovative technology-driven health inventory and retail pharmacy firm with offices in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Gabon, Rwanda, Malawi, and Uganda.

The organization is establishing a network of pharmacies across Africa in order to deliver more convenient and high-quality healthcare to the continent’s millions of inhabitants.

Gregory Rockson is the co-founder and CEO of mPharma, which has over 850 pharmacy locations in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Gabon, Rwanda, Malawi, and Uganda. The company is trying to enhance patient access to and cost of high-quality medications throughout Africa. It works with 155 hospitals, 850 pharmacies and drug stores, and serves over 2 million people. Its involvement in the healthcare industry has enabled over 400,000 patients to obtain high-quality medicine at a lower cost.

Gregory Rockson, Daniel Shoukimas, and James Finucorie started mPharma in Ghana in 2013 as a pharmacy delivering high-quality medical and pharmaceutical products. Within a few years, the healthcare company has expanded to nine African nations, with its headquarters in Ghana, and is developing a scalable medicine inventory management system based on the Airbnb model to enable vendor-managed inventory for African healthcare providers.

Gregory and his co-founders are working to create a healthy Africa by developing a technology system that medical practitioners and medical offices may utilize to solve issues in the provision of effective healthcare. The goal of mPharma is to connect patients, hospitals, and pharmacies in order for doctors, hospitals, and patients to be aware of the precise location and availability of medicines for improved access.

mPharma is constantly enhancing health interventions, bridging gaps in healthcare supply, and bringing important services closer to communities through online and offline channels by increasing patients’ access to pharmaceuticals at lower costs while maintaining quality.


Bloom, the company’s flagship software solution, is regarded as the operational software for the modern African pharmacy. It goes beyond most medical software used to streamline procedures and collect data, as well as tablets and PCs. It is directly related to mPharma’s core value proposition of vendor-managed, data-driven, diverse management, data management, and e-commerce services, and serves as an interface that allows pharmacies to connect to mPharma and provide value to their patients.

With the acquisition of a 55% ownership in Vine Pharmacy in Uganda and a franchise agreement with Belayab Pharmaceuticals in Ethiopia in recent months, mPharma has strategically diversified its assets and extended operations. It purchased Halton’s pharmacy in Kenya as well as a majority stake in HealthPlus in Nigeria.

mPharma announced ‘Facility Insight,’ an improved customer-centric offering aimed to enhance clinical decision-making, in July 2022. The simple web platform generates real-time accurate data, such as sales, earnings, product reports, and other insights, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new technology delivers data to help pharmacy managers make informed decisions.

Gregory Rockson is a Ghanaian who graduated from Westminster College and the University of Copenhagen with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Government. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Ghana and studied Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Aside from mPharma, he is the Executive Chairman of ‘Vine Pharmaceuticals,’ as well as the Executive Chairman of Holtons Limited, and was named one of the New African Magazine’s 100 Most Important Africans in 2020 and 2022.

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