Japa: UK Raises Salary Threshold for Nigerians, Others Seeking Skilled Worker Visas

Beginning April 4, 2024, the United Kingdom will adopt new pay requirements for workers entering the country.

Home Secretary James Cleverly announced a new wage requirement for Nigerians applying for skilled worker visas: a minimum salary of £38,700.

The change represents a 47.70% increase from the previous minimum rate of £26,200.

Speaking on the measures, Cleverly stated that the government intends to reduce net yearly immigration by 300,000 in the future years, though no specific schedule was specified.

The government plans to eliminate the 20% pay reduction allowed for employees in shortage occupations.

There are exceptions to the minimum pay rise.

The new changes will not affect current Skilled Workers.

This exception is only applicable for new applications, such as changing employment, extending stay, or applying for indefinite leave to remain.

The salary increase will also not apply to the Health and Care visa route, as well as jobs covered by national pay scales, such as teachers.

Previously, HowNG reported that Nigerians seeking to go to the United Kingdom may face increased visa fees.

The UK home office has stated that a visit visa to the UK for less than six months would now cost £115 (about N106,922) at the official exchange rate of N929.76 per £.

The increased cost reflects a 15% increase above the previous price of £100 (N92,970).

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