Landmark: 5 Other Beach Businesses Demolished for Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway

On Monday, a piece of Landmark Beach on Victoria Island, Lagos, was bulldozed to make room for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway.

Dave Umahi, Minister of Works, has repeatedly justified the demolition, emphasizing the need of dismantling the iconic center since it is located on the Federal Government’s Right-of-Way.

On Wednesday, the federal government began paying compensation to property owners who had been affected by the demolition.

In this piece, PUNCH Online covers the other seaside companies impacted by the demolition project.

1. Mami Chula Beach

Mami Chula Beach, which officially opened in February 2024, is located in the Oniru Beach area. It offers a luxurious beach experience, with a gourmet restaurant, a trendy rooftop lounge, and a beachside bar.


2. Breeze Beach Club

Breeze Beach Club, located on Victoria Island in Lagos, is a recreational venue with a wide range of preferences. Its variety of attractions and family-friendly atmosphere make it a popular destination for those looking for a pleasant vacation.


3. Moist beach

This private resort, located on Victoria Island, is popular with both island residents and visitors. The club offers a range of services, including a restaurant, bar/lounge, pool, open-air terrace, and nightlife. Guests can pick from a variety of activities, including sunbathing, pool diving, horseback riding, and beach yoga.


4. G12 Oniru Beach

As a popular beachfront resort in Lagos’ Oniru region, it provides guests with a peaceful vacation with stunning vistas and a variety of leisure activities. Oniru Beach is popular with both locals and tourists looking for leisure and enjoyment along Lagos’ coastline. Its accessibility and numerous attractions make it a popular destination for people wishing to relax by the sea.


5. Xchange Lagos

Xchange Lagos, located on Oniru Private Beach, has a wide range of activities, including water sports, seaside cafes, a restaurant, beachfront apartments, cabanas, and a dynamic bar. It has a nightclub, an event center, adult and children’s pools, and a jetty to suit everyone’s needs. It attracts celebrities and visitors looking for relaxation and excitement, making it the ideal beach destination for leisure and entertainment.

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