Lilian Dinma: This Nigerian-Born Gospel Artiste Is Making Waves Overseas

“Class is eternal, and form is transitory,” as the saying goes. Such is the commanding sonorous voice of Okoro Lilian Chidinma, popularly known as Lilian Dinma, a highly anointed gospel minister in Nigeria.

A gifted gospel singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and fashion expert. Lilian Dinma understood her mission since childhood, and she began to manifest God’s gift in her life during her secondary school years. She joined a group called “Kingdom Dance” in high school, and then the church choir.

Okoro Lilian Chidinma, the fifth child of Imo State parents, was raised in Port Harcourt, South-south Nigeria.

The gifted gospel singer grew up with the desire to become a minister through song, and her hobbies included dancing and singing. Aside from that, she demonstrated extraordinary gifted hands in how she appeared, which many admire to this day. That helped shape her identity and became part of her profile as a fashionista.

Lilian Dinma places a high value on education and knowledge. She earned an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Business Administration and Management from the River State Polytechnic in Bori. Her love of language drove her to pursue a diploma in Spanish, after which she completed her education in Fashion and Style, as well as a certification in Hospitality, in Argentina, a far-off South American country. Her command of the language is unparalleled, as she is currently studying Danish.

Though she had launched into music from her secondary school, it was not until 2005, when she hit the scene with her debut single, “Almighty God”. The song was a fan favorite on NTA, AIT, RSTv, and Silver Bird Television, and it marked the start of a flourishing gospel music career. The success of the single album inspired her to release singles titled “I Will Go With You” and “Jesus Na You Biko” the following year.

The success of the singles motivated Lilian Dinma, who is currently signed to DSM Records, to release her first gospel album titled: “Almighty God”. To make her plans a reality, she left Nigeria, putting her music career on hold for the time being.

Okoro Lilian Chidinma burst back onto the scene in 2015 with “Na You Be the One,” a single. She released another single, “Believe in God,” in February of the following year, and in April of 2016, she blessed her global audience with “Imela,” which she dedicated to her son on his birthday.

Seven months after “Imela”, she released another wonderful single, “Turn By Turn”, in which she featured popular Nigerian gospel artiste, Tim Godfrey. Despite being far away from home, her light was still shinning, though Europe brought another challenge into her career. Lilian Dinma was invited to perform the Nigerian anthem in Sweden in 2016; one of the highlights of her career.

Okoro Lilian Chidinma continued to express God’s blessing on her life, bidding 2016 farewell and welcoming 2017 with “I Go Survive,” which featured baseline artiste, Skales.

Lilian Dinma has faced unfair criticism throughout her career due to her fashion sense and appearance as a gospel singer. In a recent interview, she addressed concerns about her appearance.

“I wish people truly know my stories before am judged because my fashion is not a dirty style or seductive style, no! I dress decently and respectfully, l am one of the females who respect their bodies that is what my parents taught me. Yet people still feel I should dress more like them, I have to sell what gives me daily income. I cover up a lot then if I show them my full body they, will know how beautiful am created but still cover up my body”, she stated.

“I want people to understand that I live in Europe not Nigeria, and my husband is not a Nigerian, our weather is not the same as Nigeria’s. I love God my maker above all things, but fashion is my passion and business. I love fabulous and beautiful things”.

She also debuked rumours that she is no longer a gospel musician.

“I am not going into circular music. Let me tell you, I can’t even write circular song or get inspiration for it. It’s not possible for me to venture into circular music, it’s not my calling and I will not do it. I have use most of my songs to impact live indirectly or directly. ‘No more Pain’, ‘Far away’, ‘I pray for you’, ‘l Go survive’, ‘No easy’, ‘Na you be the one’, are some of my songs that have recorded successes in people’s lives,” asserted Okoro Lilian Chidinma,

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