Meet the Women Building One of the Few HR Platforms for Black Businesses

ExpandHR, the first black woman-owned, user-friendly human resources platform, was founded by Delmar Johnson and Shayna Atkins. According to the couple, their firm is primarily aimed at America’s over two million black business owners.

“We want our product to serve all small business owners universally, but as African-American women launching a new application in human relations and technology, serving small business owners who look like us and understanding the unique struggles we face is an added bonus,” says Johnson.

The team was inspired to create the company by their personal experiences as entrepreneurs who were continually looking for solutions to help them optimize their operations.

The platform enables entrepreneurs to streamline the integration of new employees and contractors, as well as provide HR consultation and a cost-effective payroll management system.

“Many small businesses feel overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, feel stuck on how to hire new people, or aren’t clear on what stage or phase of your business is next. What’s the step?” Johnson quizzes. “ExpandHR allows businesses to be structured to take their business to the next level,” he told Black Business.

Johnson and Atkins founded ExpandHR to alter the way entrepreneurs hire new employees while remaining compliant in their organizations. In this sense, they merged their professional experiences as business entrepreneurs.

Johnson is a Gen X HR consultant with over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations and small enterprises. According to Black Business, Atkins is a Millennial Product Manager and Agile Coach that specializes in teaching Agile methodology to Fortune 500 clients and operates a consulting firm.

The route to founding ExpandHR began when the two ladies met in a Buckhead bar and instantly clicked, discussing technology and business growth. They joined together in less than a year to form the world’s greatest HR software company for small enterprises.

“As a startup, success at ExpandHR™ is so much more than about making money; it’s about consciously wanting to make a long-term difference not only for our own lives, but for our customers and our employees – both who help make it all possible everyday,” the company said on its website.

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