MohBad: 7 Takeaways from Naira Marley’s Interview with Reno Omokri

More revelations concerning the late musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, nicknamed MohBad,’s relationship with former label head Afeeze Fashola, better known as Naira Marley, have begun to emerge as the inquiry into his murder continues.

Naira Marley addressed worries and rumors before and after the demise of MohBad in an exclusive conversation with social analyst Reno Omokri.

On September 12, 2023, MohBad died, leaving behind a five-month-old son.

Before his tragic death, MohBad released several videos of his bruised body, in which he claimed to have been beaten by guys reportedly linked with Marlian Music, Naira Marley’s record label.

MohBad signed a record deal with Naira Marley’s label in 2019 and left in 2022 due to concerns around the deceased’s need for a manager change.

Here are seven key takeaways from Naira Marley’s interview with Omokri, which was published on September 27.

1. Naira Marley maintained his innocence in the events leading up to MohBad’s death. He went on to say that he had been away since August 31st, visiting family, and had yet to return.


2. The Marlian Music CEO also addressed a now-viral video of MohBad pleading with fans to hold Marlian Music accountable if he died.

When asked about the video, Naira Marley replied that the dead created it out of paranoia. He stated that MohBad shot the video shortly after investigators from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency arrested some Marlian Music label affiliates.

He claimed he saw MohBad upon his return to Nigeria, and the dead apologized for disclosing his and the music label’s names.

“When I got back, I met him, and he said he did not understand and apologised. I Have videos of me speaking with him,” Naira Marley stated.


3. Naira Marley also claimed that MohBad was suicidal, recounting a conversation with MohBad’s lover, who agreed the musician was suicidal. His problems, according to Naira Marley, stemmed primarily from his family.

“I was in America when his girl called me to tell me that he had locked himself in the toilet and attempted to kill himself.”


4. Naira Marley also commented about MohBad’s mental health difficulties, noting that the deceased’s parents were aware of it.

“He wanted to commit suicide again. I had to look out for him, so I tried finding out what was wrong with him so I could help, but he (MohBad) said only his parents knew what was wrong with him.

“I spoke to the parents, and they said they noticed he is not okay, but they need to take him somewhere for treatment.”


5. Naira Marley denied assaulting Mohbad as well. The musician also revealed his acquaintance with Samson Eletu, aka Sam Larry, who has also been implicated in MohBad’s killing.


6. Naira Marley denied receiving royalties from MohBad’s tracks, claiming that he did not be paid for music released after the dead left his label in 2022.


7. Naira Marley also addressed rumours claiming he is responsible for  DJ Splash’s ill health. According to the ‘Soapy’ crooner, this is a lie.

“DJ Splash was never signed to Marlian Music. He is not my DJ, and he got the name following a picture he took with me.

“When what happened to him, he was not at my house. I have no idea where all this is coming from. They are all lies.”

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