Mr. Ibu’s Adopted Daughter, Jasmine Speaks on Failed Marriage

Jasmine Okekeagwu, the adopted daughter of John ‘Mr Ibu’ Okafor, has discussed her disastrous marriage.

Jamsine, 28, met her US-based lover, MD, on TikTok, and they married three months later.

In 2022, Jasmine declared the end of her marriage after nine months.

The businesswoman said MD did not tell her he was previously divorced and has three grown-up daughters.

During a recent interview on the WithChude podcast, Jasmine shared another discovery she made while with MD.

She claims she found out he was 51 on their wedding day after he told her he was 38 years old.

“I was with this man for nine months I did not get pregnant. Now this is where the story got very tricky. This guy told me he had never married in his life. He has never gotten a lady pregnant. He told me he was 38 years old. The day I found out my husband was 51 years, it was on our wedding day. Imagine finding out that kind of a thing on how wedding day,” she said.

Jasmine said while going through MD’s phone, she also found out that he had also “promised marriage to five Nigerian girls on TikTok”.

“Different people had different experiences with him. Promised about five girls marriage. And then when I was going through my husband’s phone I started seeing a lot of girls, most of them Yoruba, mostly big big TikTokers,” she added.

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