New Unverified Users to Pay $1 Annual Fee on Elon Musk’s X

X, previously Twitter, has announced the launch of a new subscription mechanism called “Not A Bot,” which requires unverified users to pay a $1 annual subscription fee in order to prevent spam, manipulation, and bot activity on the network.

This X project, which began testing on October 17, 2023, is specifically designed to limit the influence of bots and spammers while providing legitimate consumers with a smooth experience. The test is now being conducted in New Zealand and the Philippines.

How “Not A Bot” Works:

  1. Phone Verification:

New users in New Zealand and the Philippines are now required to verify their phone numbers when creating an account on X.

  1. Subscription Plans:

Users have the option to subscribe to the “Not A Bot” program, which involves a nominal annual fee. The subscription cost varies by country and currency, with the following features available to subscribed users:

– Posting content

– Liking posts

– Replying to posts

– Reposting content

– Quoting other accounts’ posts

– Bookmarking posts

  1. Read-Only Access for Non-Subscribers:

Users who do not subscribe will have limited access and will be able to engage in “read only” activities such as reading posts, watching videos, and following accounts.

This test, which is only relevant to new accounts in the designated countries, does not effect existing users, according to X. The “Not A Bot” initiative is part of X’s larger aim to improve platform security and user experience by limiting the effect of bots and spammers.

This subscription model’s implementation is based on X’s goal of achieving a balance between accessibility and security. The implementation of phone verification and subscription plans aims to create a more authentic and trustworthy environment for consumers while reducing the disruptive influence of bad actors.

X recommends that consumers read the “Not A Bot Terms and Conditions” before taking part in the program. More information on the outcomes of this endeavor will be published as X refines its policies to secure the platform’s integrity and stability.

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