This Black Entrepreneur Makes $7K a Month Selling Children’s Books

Meet Ren Lowe, the CEO/Founder of Brown Unicorn Publishing and an African American mompreneur. She earns roughly $7,000 per month as a children’s book author and self-publishing coach.

Lowe told Business Insider that she has always wanted to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a children’s book author. When she became a mother, she believed she could do so while still working at T-Mobile, where she began in 2015.

Lowe made her debut as an author in 2021, when she co-wrote seven children’s books with her daughter Kameryn while on maternity leave. However, when she was due to return to work, she developed postpartum anxiety and was forced to leave her full-time employment.

Lowe stated at the time that the passive income generated by her books was what kept her financially afloat more than her savings. Her children’s book series, My Magical Brown Unicorn, was selling well on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, schools, museums, and local bookshops, but she realized she could do more.

That’s when she founded Royaltee Press, her own publishing company that specializes in self-publishing her own novels. She finally decided to broaden her brand and start Brown Unicorn Publishing to provide publishing services to additional clients.

Brown Unicorn Publishing helps authors turn their rough drafts into published books by editing, drawing, typesetting, and formatting them. Lowe also provides coaching to her clients in order to teach them how to self-publish on their own. Some people use her ghostwriting services as well.

Lowe, who promotes her books and services through social media, says her efforts have thus far been fruitful. She earned almost $30,000 from her publishing services alone in just 9 months. And, since expanding her services, she has earned about $7,000 every month.

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