Tony Elumelu’s Heirs Energies Expands Gas Supply for Increased Power in Nigeria

Heirs Energies, Africa’s largest indigenous-owned energy company, and run by notable Nigerian business magnate Tony Elumelu, has announced a huge expansion of its gas delivery activities. This development intends to reinforce Geometric Power’s recently constructed 188 MW power facility in Aba, Nigeria’s eastern area.

Heirs Energies strengthens its presence in Nigeria’s three main power plants by expanding its existing gas supply obligations to TransAfam Power Limited, which has an amazing capacity of 966 MW, and First Independent Power Limited (FIPL), which has a capacity of 541 MW. This decision emphasizes the company’s critical role in the national energy industry.

Heirs Energies, the exclusive operator of OML 17 in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, has reached a significant milestone since its inception in January 2021. Within three years, the company doubled daily oil output from 27,000 to 40,000 bpd, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable energy methods and community engagement.

Osa Igiehon, CEO of Heirs Energies, expressed satisfaction with the company’s growing influence, saying, “Our ability to sustain gas supply to these three major power plants demonstrates Heirs Energies’ unwavering commitment to illuminating Nigeria and advancing our country’s pursuit of economic and social advancement. We are more than just energy stakeholders; we are catalysts for growth and prosperity, motivated by a desire to guarantee Nigeria’s natural resources benefit its people.”

Heirs Energies’ recent success can be attributed to smart acquisitions and operational excellence led by Elumelu, who also serves as chairman of Heirs Holdings, Transcorp Plc, and United Bank for Africa Plc. The company acquired oil license OML 17 in an eight-year, $1.2-billion transaction, establishing joint venture relationships with significant industry participants.

Heirs Energies’ current development in gas delivery operations is consistent with the company’s overall aim of playing a revolutionary role in Nigeria’s energy sector. The company’s dedication to powering the country and fostering economic and social progress is unwavering, cementing its place as a significant player in Africa’s energy landscape.

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