WATCH: Activist Adetoun Onajobi Claims She’s In Contact With Late Mohbad

Adetoun Onajobi

Human rights activist Adetoun Onajobi claims the late musician Mohbad told her to encourage his fans to pray for him “so he can rest in peace.”

Mohbad, 27, died on September 12.

The circumstances surrounding the 27-year-old’s death have sparked debate on social media.

Mohbad’s death sparked widespread protests, with thousands of Nigerian youths organising candlelight processions in his honor.

Justadetoun, a UK-based activist, said Mohbad “appeared to me, instructing me about what he wanted” during a recent Instagram live.

In the video, Adetoun alleged she returned to Nigeria based on the “instruction received” from the former Marlian Records signee.

Adetoun said Mohbad “told me to inform his mother to take care of his son”. She also claimed he asked his sympathisers to “help him pray for forgiveness”.

“That is all he is asking for. He said before we continued the fight He said the powerful ones did not allow him to live on earth. He said his son should be put in the line of Christ and Christ only. He wants his son to grow up knowing Christ,” she said.

“Now he knows that God will fight for him. He said he wants his spirit to rest. He said he was in anguish and wanted to rest in peace. He told me specifically. He said I should not fight. And knows that when the government fails him, the spirit of God will rise up for him. He knows that at the last minute if he is to be betrayed God will rise up for him.

“So he is saying that he left his mother so that his mother would take care of his son. That is the reason why he wants everybody to pray for him so that he can rest in peace.

“The fight is on. Everyone is standing up for you. You will rest in peace. We will go wherever he wants us to be. He feels the only thing that can give him rest of mind is that he wants to rest in peace.

“He said he is running and appearing to people that should help him pray for forgiveness.”


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