Who Is Busari Omotola Adeyinka? Facts About Nigerian Graphics Artist

Busari Omotola Adeyinka is a multifaceted brand identity designer, digital entrepreneur, and content developer best known for her Tolagrafik brand. On May 19, he was born in Ejioku, a quiet town in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. He is an aesthete as well as a literarian.

Early Life

Tola’s love of art stems from a wonderful childhood filled with memories of nighttime folktales and visual arts performed in his surroundings. Having been born in a magical town, he drew his rudimental inspiration from his prenatal surroundings as well as his father’s inherent expertise as an excellent artist.

He was fortunate to have a father who imagined beautiful things and painted them on canvas, and he was also fortunate to see him drawing with pencils in the living room most of the time. With such a strong parental connection and his father being an art enthusiast, he began putting his pencil hand to the test in kindergarten.


Tola began his artistic journey at the age of seven, which was earlier than planned. He used his imaginative fascination with nature to subjectify what he saw into compelling drawings, incorporating art into everything he learned. Tola, like many other children, required an educational impact in order to achieve his goals. As a result, he began his journey by enrolling in Funmiso Nursery School, where he earned an elementary school diploma. He later went to St. Anthony Primary School in Ejioku and Community Grammar School in Lalupon, Ibadan. Throughout those years, he did not let his love of art condemn him to obscurity.

Tola moved to Ogbomosho, Oyo State, in 2007 to hone his design skills before enrolling in tertiary school, and he later devoted himself to graphic design under Mr. Ladipupo’s tutelage. He then transformed his designs and artwork into a logo and brand identity, which he successfully implemented after determining the best way to combine them.

Despite his desire to study Fine and Applied Arts or Architectural Design at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomosho, he was not accepted. In 2008, Tola was admitted to Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, to study Computer Engineering. As a result, his interest in graphics and art grew even stronger. During his school years, he used his visual skills to broaden his horizons and make his goals more relevant. He also did some basic computer work for small businesses. As a result, he enhanced his abilities.


Tla completed his industrial training after earning a National Diploma in 2011, and then worked as a graphic artist in Ikire before relocating to Lagos to work as a graphic operator. While in Lagos, he worked hard to improve his skills and become versatile in a variety of tasks.

Tla began his graphic design career in 2013 when he was hired as a graphic artist at RedArk Media Lagos. He worked at RedArk Media for two years before resigning in 2015 for reasons other than financial dissatisfaction.

Omotla began freelance entrepreneurship for companies after leaving RedArk Media, where he oversees initiatives for both foreign and domestic brands. This greatly aided him in terms of exposure to new cognitions, and it also allowed him to make the most of his time.

His resignation also motivated him to return to school, where he earned a Higher National Diploma in 2019. It has also given him the opportunity to establish Tola Studios, where he manages most of the branding projects, logos, and web designs, trains other aspiring graphic artists, and works on various services.

Tla is the founder of Adire By RADE, a company that creates Adire variegated fabrics. He is the owner of Hub201 Media and the founder of Odoori Market, an e-trade platform that aims to make trade and business accessible to Africans all over the world. He is a Creative Hangout pioneer, a community of designers, creative legends, techies, and art connoisseurs. Tla is also a political and humanitarian enthusiast.

Tola is also a political and humanitarian enthusiast. His selflessness inspired him to establish the Omotola Adeyinka Busari (OAB) foundation. A non-profit and non-governmental organization that assists the community’s disempowered and underprivileged people. He also discovered the Iwo Vendors. A business network that connects entrepreneurs to economic opportunities, shares ideas, and offers development services to assist them in building their businesses. He demonstrates his altruism for humanitarian projects by making it easier for commoners to trade and by assisting people through his foundation.

Awards & Nominations

He received the Rotaract Humanitarian Service Award in Osun State, as well as the 2021 NGD (Naija Graphic Designers) Community Award of Excellence, and several other honors.

Personal Life

He has two adorable children and a beautiful wife.

Omotola is one of the most successful graphic designers in Nigeria, and his life has been a blessing to many other upcoming entrepreneurs.



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